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Here we go again, folks. The Android Market seems to have taken a bit of a header this afternoon. We've gotten apps to download find on some devices, and not so fine on others, so maybe the worst is behind us. What say you all?

Update: The AndroidDev Twitter account reports that everything should be fine now. The whole thing started about noon Pacific time and "lasted a few hours."

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dcreed says:

I've got three updates that keep going from "Downloading" to "Download Paused" to "Download Unsuccessful" for the past couple of hours. So, yah...seems pooched.

JagoX says:

Yea ditto...had the same problem when I was grabbing the Maps update and (buying) Reckless Racing.

Evo2DroidX says:

My market was fine..... :)

it. says:

Mines working just fine- Samsung Epic

it. says:

Scratch that. Everything I download is unsuccesful

elbaso says:

Same for me on my Epic 4G. Had a bunch of updates and one purchase via App Brain, but all of them said "Download Unsuccessful".
Hope they fix it soon.

Edit: Nevermind. As of 3:20pm PDT, working fine.

SleepyTheDon says:

Fascinate Not working

qst4 says:

I've got the same issue on my G2 and EVO. I live in the middle of Nowhere Kansas.

JIH2009 says:

Not working for me either :(

Samsung Vibrant

icebike says:

Its up for me in the Seattle area.

Im in, not getting errors, but trying to download the update to maps just doesn't work. It spins on "Starting download..."

mustang229 says:

same hear,unseccessful downloads-HTC Evo

Mobius360 says:

No luck on my end

Gone24 says:

Yes it is down for me as well

Hooters#AC says:

The Android Market is working just fine dimwit.

Who the hell is letting this idiot Phil Nickinson continue to waste everyone's time here? The rest of the writers here are very good.

Get rid of this retard.

it. says:

Try downloading something. Then we'll see who the idiot is

rizorith says:

Did you even try the market? Did you read almost every other post here? It's down for the VAST majority of us, if not everyone.


nitetex says:

The intent of this site is to inform, and believe that was accomplished with the post. Good day sir, I said good day!

dkoss says:

ig·no·rant (gnr-nt)
1. Lacking education or knowledge.
2. Showing or arising from a lack of education or knowledge: an ignorant mistake.
3. Unaware or uninformed.

Dynamite360g says:

I bet this guy is Steve Jobs.

supercat1 says:

definitely down on my epic. was able to install opentable earlier today, but cannot get the maps update or fandango right now.


Not working for me

TeePoppa says:

Still up and going on my Evo in Houston TX!!

TripleZ says:

Unable to download as well (captivate)

it. says:


qst4 says:

Or update.

icebike says:

I did download. Got the Maps update. Worked fine.

Its working for me in Seattle area, so STOP SHOUTING!

hypergraffic says:

Weird, I was able to download Tajm clock but not BattStatt...

Azaurath says:

Earlier everything failed. But right now 4 out of 5 installs worked. On a fascinate. Pittsburgh PA

BlackHawkA4 says:

Trying to install maps update. Keeps saying unsuccessful.

Same with mine. The DLing bar just keeps turning and not getting anywhere.

Glad to see this article, I was getting pissed. Called HTC and they couldn't help. Started searching for anyone else having issues and found some other forums where people were having issues too.

DukeHatz says:

Oh good, its not just me. I was starting to get pretty angry at my phone.

gregg37 says:

Market opens just fine. Searches just fine. BUT downloads do indeed fail.

It's dead, Jim.

SeeK says:

Mine's opening okay and all, but I've had heaps of downloads in the past few days that get stuck. The icon shows up in the activity bar, but then disappears and in the Market it's stuck on "Starting download...".

Xbbfan73 says:

Only app that didn't update was google maps

daveloft says:

I just got my Samsung Galaxy S back from repair and I have no apps installed I have been trying to get it to work for hours.

Since I read nothing of it being down I thought it was me so I tried a million different things.

This sucks.

ricardote says:

Market not working for me in Chicago Evo....

Smalls says:

Down for me as well. HTC Hero Alltel Cyanogenmod 6.1 RC1

bmoore says:

Mine works. Evo running Fresh 3.0.1

bmoore says:

Uh... ok maybe not perfectly. Getting "Download unsuccessful" on several downloads. However, I did have 2 of about 10 successfully download and install.

mipd1980 says:

Download Unsuccessful when trying to update Maps or install new apps.

HTC Hero

Immokalee, Florida

ulfius#AC says:

Was down, but seems to be back for me. I updated 3 apps. Samsung Fascinate.

Mark Day says:

I started having problems around 6:30 AM EST this morning and have seen no improvement yet. WTF!

DocJ#WN says:

This is lame. Just rooted my incredible an hour ago and now I can't download ROM manager or cyanomod. Some one let me know when its working again.

Gingerbread is near...

kayropr says:

Mine opens but apps do not download. I though it was the Sprint network but I guess I'm wrong. HTC Evo - Houston TX

mipd1980 says:

Hustle Town.....

MitchRapp says:

Market opens, I can browse apps
Buuuut... downloading new apps or updating existing apps does not work.

My guess: google releases Google Maps update - 100 million ppl have it on "auto-update" - boom!

gb2010 says:

This explains why i couldn't download the google maps update :(

moosc says:

Down for me in Indiana and now Ohio I70 corridor Droid X. Been down Atleast 3 hours.

lesmchl says:

2 of 3 completed. Maps will not download- Droid X

coraphise says:

Down for me, for about the passed 2 - 3 hours. 6 apps waiting to update, but I think I'll survive :)
Moto Droid Cynogenmod 6

Kevin949 says:

I can browse but not download. On a side note, my stupid phone has been "installing" lookout for a few days now and I have no option to cancel it and it never finishes. But the app works fine. Anyway, ya, nothing downloads.

Kevin949 says:

Working now for me.

dvogonen says:

It is close to hopless to get anything to download from the market here in sweden. Tried both my Galaxy S and two HTC Desires. 1 of 25 downloads works. All phones on Froyo.

hoosiercub says:

Ok thank you.. i was freaking out, had some phone drama over the past few hours, was trying to get titanium backup back on my Incredible and was about to pull out my hair

kylereddoch says:

I can view but not download also, keeps telling me either unsuccessful or paused. It has been like that for a while.

alan4koz says:

Yes its down for me, samsung epic

alan4koz says:

Yes its down for me, samsung epic

jmdroid says:

I had the problem all day, scoured the forums and found (and remembered) the open Google Talk trick. No idea what the connection is, but it worked for me months ago and worked for me this afternoon. Try just running Google Talk...all three of my hung downloads began immediately after opening.

running an incredible here....the markets workin here, but im getting the "downloading" or even "download complete" when i tried to update maps and homerun battle 3d. the % complete never pops up. had to stop the installs. lame.

screech113 says:

Mine was down for a while, but is now working. Just updated 7 apps.

herabros says:

Yeah I have a DInc and the Market is down for me....

drrayray says:

Market down for me too. DInc in Miami.

Brian Rubin says:

Acting very, very weird for me as well. One download got through, one got canceled, two are still trying.

eyesparky says:

All downloads start and then go to pause. The Market itself has Force Closed a couple of times today too (not sure if related). Tried unmounting SD card etc (sometimes works) but to no avail.

gbuff19 says:

Down here too. Detroit area in Michigan. HTC EVO

dkoss says:

Glad to know it wasn't just me. Kept trying to download and it kept telling me "Download Unsuccessful". Finally got the Maps to download after about 10 attempts.

jmfflint says:

I have the same problem Droid X

jxc says:

Not working. EVO in sfl

jnabbott#AC says:

Working good for me Droid X Haughton LA

davidov2009 says:

Isn't working over here aswell (Download paused, Download unsuccessful etc.), Nexus One @ Netherlands (23.54 local time, UTC+2h)

wilforeal says:

YEP IM DOWN~~!!! :(

Argent says:

Glad I'm not the only crazy one - was about to toss my phone across the river in frustration

junglejunkie says:

TMobile N1

Down.... :(

Cubfan says:

That explains it.

daveloft says:

yeah its always been there.

crajee16 says:

Yeah, I'm down as well, but while looking for any news on why the android market is down. I came across this looks like a new android market on the web?

This is the first time I've seen it? Anyone else seen this before?

Bran_deeno says:

Down here too. Wa state on droid 2

rvirga says:

I'm kind of relieved to hear that it's not just me. I bought a Desire HD a few hours ago, and when I started getting the "Download paused" messages, I first thought that I had screwed up my configuration somehow.

myers022 says:

T-Mobile N1 CM6.1 RC1
Boston, MA
Market Down As Well

Thought it was my phone at first and did a factory reset and rebuild, oh well at least I know now!

junglejunkie says:

I was in the middle of updating to 6.0.1 RC1 and thought it was a bug so I rolled back to 6.0 :(

Oh well something to do tomorrow I guess....

It is now that you have posted this article. Everyone with an android phone just tried to login and that alone is probably enough top bring it down.
When angry birds the actual market, it went down for almost an hour.

tgrant1975 says:

I have about 5 apps that needs to be updated. It says downloading but that's it. It's been saying that for over 3 hours now. Anyone knows the prob??

not working at all here in Germany on my Galaxy S

Down for me as well. I just flashed a new rom and thought that caused the problems. Did an entire format and still had issues. Glad to know now that it's not just me. Hope it gets fixed soon

I tried downloading the new Google Maps update and it says it’s “downloading” and then 30 seconds later it says “download unsuccessful”

Samsung Captivate

msm_portata says:

Probably everyone overloaded it by trying to get the latest Google Map app.

Smalls says:

It's working now. Just installed Seesmic and the new Youtube update.

wckesq says:

Yup, Just worked for me.

texagg01 says:

I thought it was just me. I had just installed the new CM6 ROM and started noticing the issues with downloading apps from the market. Thinking it was just me, I did a full wipe and tried again. I tried that twice. Then I tried flashing an older ROM to see if that was it. Still, the same problem. I searched online a few times and didn't see anyone reporting it recently.

Finally, I restored from a backup and then saw this post. Glad it wasn't just me. But man did I waste alot of time!

junglejunkie says:

Same here!!!

I was so frustrated.

DocJ#WN says:

She's back up and running.

texagg01 says:

Ahhh...working now for me as well!

Sopdogg says:

Mine is up too!

installerman says:

I got the "Download Unsuccessful" message. Rebooted & now it fine.

up and down all afternoon

usguyver says:

i was able to get the maps update but not other ones like taptalk

daveloft says:


efrain89 says:

After 7 hours of trying to update google map now is working orlando fl

eyesparky says:

Just worked for me too.

mcknott says:

It's back up for me now

d1g1talphyre says:

I was able to download 3 different app updates, including Google maps, the others were Phone Fussion Visual voicemail, and Titanium Backup * Root.

Samsung Captivate

robrlp says:

Well its 6:45 pm here in Mass and it still won't let me download any apps on my droid incredible

epifano83 says:

Working just fine for me now as well

Clow says:

Its down for me in DC... steve jobs is a bitch

Ranger-R says:

Working now wasn't earlier. - Washington

Working for me, g1 in AZ

Clow says:

Good now

Clow says:

Good now

phrozen087 says:

Still down for me, Droid 2. The Maps update just hangs at downloading indefinitely. - 6:56 EST

jj1814 says:

still not downloading any of my apps to my N1 swap

gregg37 says:

Fixed now on EVO in New Orleans.

Damn you Market for crashing while I was trying the new Cyanogen! :-P

TechStack says:

googles android developer twitter account just sent a tweet about this saying they have people working on it wonder if they watch AC for problems lol

GBO says:

people download LIVEPROFILE beta, better that bbm

mikeyonline says:

still busted here, moto droid and lg ally

jdprince785 says:

Finally started working and was able to successfully update my Google Maps app.

cb05stang says:

Nothing in Jersey.

gmonkey88 says:

Finally working for me. I was able to update Google Maps.
Motorola Milestone Cyanogen 6 RC1

kinster02 says:

Up and running in Hawaii with the Evo.

tgrant1975 says:

It's fine now. From Buffalo, NY, using my htc evo.

BlackHawkA4 says:

Mines working. NY Epic 4g. (If region matters, lol)

Klubhead says:

Working now.. my app updates were wacky during the day today

Spectre says:

Down at noon today in Georgia...was up around 5:00 PM EDT.

darkmax says:

Having problem with the Market download here in Singapore

myswagsblue says:

it was down but kill my and my gf's internet and the same time wierd

Wesley1 says:

Still giving me trouble. Downloaded new google maps, but foursquare, opera mini and one other app were stuck in "starting download". I'm in cold, dark, rainy UK:(

Beatnik says:

Since I bought my Nexus 1 on february I do NOT have access to Android Market paid apps, I live in the country of Panama (Central America) when do they plan to OPEN the market to Latin America and the rest of the world?
Google and Android are dissapointing me, my brother has an iPod touch and he has access to thousands of paid apps.

drei666 says:

Hi guys,
Market is finally working for me here in Italy on WIFI and MOBILE (Market on Mobile network has never stopped working anyway..).

HTC Desire LeeDroid 2.2d SD + card fix

BasPilot says:

Still down for me on the Fascinate in Utah... working on my wife's D1 right next to my phone.

blunt says:

Now it's my turn market is stuck , A green bar running across my vibrant (starting download) and stays there there......nothing ny

noxangelicus says:

I cannot reinstall any of my applications. I get an installation error. Tmobile says the Android market is down...any ideas on this?

TRD says:

i have problems updating my app in the market it says installation unsuccessful!...unknown reason 18!...please help me or get it fixed...its been doing that now for several weeks...please reply!