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We've gotten some clarification from Google regarding any changes to the app refund window in the Android Market after a couple of developers led us to believe it had been changed to 48 hours when asked to accept a new version of the Developer Distribution Agreement. The short version is there have been no changes. You still have 15 minutes to uninstall an application for an automatic refund.

The 48-hour window is for Google to refund the money to the developer. Also, you, as a user, technically have 48 hours to request a refund of an app from Google, though very few people do that for the obvious reason.

Hope that clears things up a bit.

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RUSH says:

Ok, thanks for the clarification. Now, let's see who is extremely happy about this. Some people seemed not pleased about the 48 hrs return window. Personally, it didn't make me no difference.

dustycraine says:

So within 15 minutes you get an automatic refund. But you can make a request to Google within 48 hours manually and get a refund? What is the process for doing that?

sspediacci says:

I would like to know the answer for this as well. Say I download a video game that took more than 15 minutes to download the additional data, only to find afterwards the game does not work or has a bad glitch. What do I do after that to obtain a refund?

spartanguy81 says:

What is the obvious reason?

I had the same question.

dbareis says:

You ever tried to get a response out of Google or rung them up?

dcreed says:

I wonder how much interest Google will earn on that money in 48 hours.

JohnJSal says:

"Also, you, as a user, technically have 48 hours to request a refund of an app from Google"

Huh? Didn't this sentence just confuse the issue again? Are you saying we actually DO have 48 hours to request a refund (by some other means)??

n25philly says:

15 minutes, that is why I never buy anything from the market

wyldemf says:

So I still have only 15 minutes to see if an app will completely chew through my battery? Thanks Google.

jeffro77 says:

The alternative method is to request a refund directly from the developer:

This approach has worked for me, even beyond the 48-hour window.

AlexNC says:

boooooooooooooooooo ... 15 minutes is way too short. At least give us 30 minutes; though an hour would be perfect.