PopOut! Tale of Peter Rabbit

Here's another nice title from the folks who brought us The Going to Bed Book. The Tale of Peter Rabbit is a story most of us should know, if not still love. And it's available on Android in beautiful fashion.

It's not cheap -- running $5.19 U.S. -- but you get the entire story, with animated pictures on every page. It's a "pop-up" book, meaning there are little "tabs" you can pull to also make the character do things. Plus you can tap on each word of the story to have it repeated, helping teach a child to read. The optional background music also is wonderfully done.

We're not completely sold on the pricing, but the app is really well done. We've got download links after the break.


Reader comments

Android Kids App: PopOut! Tale of Peter Rabbit


Loved this book as a kid. Bought this yesterday the same time as I did the goodnight book. Both were half price yesterday. At full price they are a little on the high side. My son liked it on my 4" fascinate but it definitely would have been better on a tablet.