Motorola Chinese phones

Here in the U.S., it can be easy to forget that there are many Android devices only sold overseas. Motorola just increased that number by three after announcing a trio of new "Ming" phones for three of China's largest carriers: 

  • XT806 for China Telecom, pictured left
  • A1680 for China Unicom, pictured center
  • MT810 for China Mobile, pictured right

The MT810 is probably the most interesting of the three; it has a resistive touchscreen along with a  flip-down see-though capacitive touch screen. It will also be running OPhone OS 2.0, which is a Chinese modification of stock Android. The XT806 boasts a 3.2-inch screen at 300ppi while the A1680 is packing improved stylus handwriting recognition with Moto's SoftStylus software. Check out the full press release as well as detailed tech specs for each phone past the link. [Motorola]


Reader comments

Trio of Android headed to Motorola's Chinese "Ming" line


Does that say, 2 touch screens? Any idea of the rationale behind that? Is the flipdown really another touchscreen?

Capacitive cover for quick app navigation.
Resistive stylus input underneath for when they have to do Kanji text entry.
Probably makes a bit more sense in China where stylus entry is more of a requirement do to the complex characters in the language.

I think the phone design would catch on relly well in Japan where large clamshell phones are still very popular, assuming the earpiece is on the inside of the fliptop.

Before I had my Droid Incredible, I owned the Motorola Krave ZN4, which looks very much like the Motorola phone in the middle. It was a good phone. Great, clear sound from the speakers. VCast TV, vibrant color screen and the touch capacitive clear outer flip was the coolest thing I saw at that point. But wasn't the greatest or most practical in the texting department. You had to have the flip open and rotated in landscape view and text with 1 finger. And with my big fingers and a laggy screen, texting became a nightmare. I got used to it, but it became a chore. To make this style of phone and run Android's OS might solve the laggy screen, but I don't know.