Nearly everyone uses Facebook and nearly every Facebook Android User is unhappy with the current state of Facebook Applications on Android. And with Facebook staying mum on an official Facebook Application, third-party developers hope to fill the void. The Android Facebook App is looking to offer compelling features that will improve the Facebook integration in Android.

Features include [via androinica]:

  • The ability to comment on or “like/unlike” Facebook status
  • Friend feeds that include status updates, wall-to-wall posts, photo uploads, comments, and YouTube video posts
  • Real-time loading and filtering of activity stream
  • Notifications for upcoming events, birthdays, and new comments
  • Improved photo and photo album support/navigation
  • Tag photos and view photo tags

Check out The Android Facebook App's blog here. They plan to release the application in late June/early July so keep your eyes peeled!

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Android to Get Better Facebook Application ?


Wow! This is really one of the main reasons why facebook tops it among all the other social media networking sites in the internet world today. Many people are enjoying these applications on facebook that is why many of us can't get enough of it. :)

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Very good article. I was recently blogging on The Netflix Prize, which deals with the quality of the recommendation. However, conclusions are drawn primarily off of user ratings. People don't seem to bother rating on facebook, I know I don't. I wonder what correlations exist there...