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ComScore has released data for smartphone industry market share in the United States for April 2014. According to the data, Apple is the leading smartphone manufacturer with command of 41.4 percent of the market share while Google leads the platform market with its Android OS with 52.5 percent of the market. As to the most used smartphone app? Facebook ranks at the top.

Platform data shows that Android and Windows Phone were the only OSes with growth from the past quarter with the former gaining 0.8 percent and Microsoft gaining 0.1 percent arriving at a 3.3 percent market share. Apple's 41.4 percent platform share was down 0,2 percent while BlackBerry's 2.5 percent share was down 0.6 percent from the beginning of the year. Symbian was constant at 0.2 percent share.

As to top smartphone OEMs, Samsung was the only one that grew. Gaining a whole percentage point since the beginning of the year, Samsung now owns 27.7 percent of the smartphone market, which is second to Apple's 41.4 percent. LG, Motorola, and HTC are in similar positions with between 5 and 6 percent of the market.

In terms of apps, Facebook, YouTube, Google Play, Google Search, Pandora, Gmail, Google Maps, and Instagram are among the top used apps.

Source: comScore


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Latest comScore report shows Android as the number one OS in the United States


Yeah. That's why I didn't upgrade my m7 to an m8. Awesome phone, but they can call it whatever they want, it's still a nice looking 4mp pic

Android is number one?

I'm an official certified Android fanboy. Having said that... that only reason Android has the biggest market share is because Samsung and other manufacturers flooded the market with millions of cheap Android phones/tablets.

Working in a carrier store, I can assure you of two things.
1. Flagships make up 95% of our sales.
2. The free and reduced iPhones outweigh your cheap Android phone claim.
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thats a Apple lie.

From Samsungs top 5 sold phones only ONE is a cheap phone (galaxy y).

All other top selling phones are Galaxy S and Note devices.

The top 3 Android seller of all times are:

3. Samsung Galaxy S2
2. Samsung Galaxy S3
1. Samsung Galaxy S4

I dont see your point, it looks like you are agreeing with the poster you replied too...
All of the phones u listed are/were flagship devices which is what he said

I'm just going to guess that someone who starts a post with "thats a Apple lie" might also have some issues with reading comprehension.

@eahinrichsen i said "that's an Apple lie" because Jobs said something like that during a keynote.

I quote from memory here:

"Our friends say they have 300.000 activations per day. I find it hard to believe that this are really all new devices. And besides that - the majority of that are cheap low cost devices and not comparable to our premium products".

Maybe it was 500.000 activation - not sure. But you get the point: he lied.

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pretty sure that is in reference to global activations, not just US. So even if our carrier friend above is correct (anecdotes are reliable right?), it might not be true for the global marketplace.

@Mac58 i replied to CarrierPigeon. But because tim242 replied first - my comment was put under his. That's all.

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Do you think Apple is taking consolation in being second because of cheap Android phones? Nope. Second is second. Apple sells some cheap iPhones. $50 or $800, the devices are still getting users into the ecosystem, buying apps and media, and using services.

And according to the truth - more than 90 percent of all Android phones are more up to date then the latest iphone, because they get updated weekly via google apps - and constantly via google play services.

the google apps (gapps) are the core function of any android phone. all services are updated weekly.

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I would say that it doesn't matter what Tim Cook had to say because most Android phones don't need to be updated to keep up with the iPhone. Even the oldest Android phone's have had most the features just coming out on IOS 8.

From my Note 2 to you

When Cook talks about the slow android update process, it's always in the context of security and bug fixes. So it's not about features.


And the most vulnerable part of an os is the browser.

chrome updates on android (via app) : 2-3 times per month.
IOS safari update (part of IOS update): what? 6-8 times per year?

PLUS constant updates via google play services.

I rest my case.

Worked in AT&T Technical support on a specialized callback team. I could not believe how many people with an iPhone issue hadn't updated their phone. Android users were much better about having done that. Also, the iPhone is a damn fine music player. And a pretty crappy phone.

Of course Android is numero uno, which is why Crapple has to resort to bashing, trashing, suing, and copying at every opportunity, just to play catch up.

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4 with StraightTalk ATT

All I know is I switched to the iPhone 5s from HTC EVO last October. The iphone was a huge improvement in functionality. The laggy HTC was just not a pleasure to use and the iphone apps are generally much more developed and useful. I'm glad I switched.

Odd comparison. If you went from an OG Evo to an iPhone 5s, then of course you saw a huge improvement since the Evo was released in 2010. I don't even think it officially advanced beyond Froyo. You can't compare a 2010 Android phone to a 2013 iPhone.

If I moved from an iPhone 4 (which came out in 2010) to a HTC One M7 or SGS4 or Moto X or Nokia Lumia 1020 or BlackBerry Z30 (2013 phones) I would be shocked at the difference in speed, performance, etc. Of course a phone that came out 3 years later is better - it should be.

And this is surprising how? Android is number 1 in every country except for Japan.

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I can't even act surprised anymore...I mean come on its the best mobile platform

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If you like fragmentation with a confusing interface with bloated options and software that will never get used and bloated choices of hardware then maybe.

I would rather have the options and not need them than not at all. Or worse yet, be told what is best for me...

I've been using the HTC M8 for a little more than a month now. I'm not going to lie, seeing all the posts about the camera Is annoying to say the least. I absolutely love this phone! I've played top end games with zero lag. My calls are flawless. My texts are instant and easy to handle. I get emails instantly. Every time I take my phone out in public, people can't help but admire the over all premium build quality. There really isn't any other phone faster than the htc m8 currently. I wouldn't trade this phone for any gimmicky pulse reading phone, even if somebody paid me. I get that people enjoy the convenience of taking photos with their phone cameras, but if you want to take professional pictures with superb quality that enables you to to blow the picture up to billboard sized photos, go out and buy a legit video/camera.
Htc fans know that the camera quality in HTC products are south from par before they buy it. So how could've they sold so many devices? Because HTC that good.

I'm just about to return my HTC One M8. I'm not too impressed. Apart from the possible exception of the Nokia Lumia 1020, none of the smartphone cameras are good enough for anything but casual photography and for that most smartphones are fine. But the HTC cameras have consistently been clipping highlights. This is not just the One 4UP ones. But I didn't care about the camera. I knew I wasn't going to be impressed and I wasn't.

But I came from the LG G2 and I found a number of problems with it. I actually preferred the G2 in feel than the One. It's too tall and too slippery. It's over sensitive. Touching the screen while picking it up just launches apps, moves icons around etc. It's difficult to explain, but it makes handling the phone very awkward. The battery life was also poor. Since I have KitKat, I'd have to root to figure out what exactly the problem was. And since I wasn't sure I was going to keep to keep the phone, I didn't want to do that. It wouldn't sync up with my Nissan Quest van on Bluetooth. In my Leaf, if I connected the USB port, it would constantly flash the USB connected notification on and off. So I couldn't charge the phone and play music over bluetooth. It's a decent phone, but I never got the craze about metal phones. Give me a replaceable battery and Qi wireless charging any day instead of the metal body. And that's exactly what the LG G3 is offering. So I'm going to get that instead.

To reply to Note 3 is faster than your M8...just from an Antutu perspective. Lol im 36,000+ Also who doesn't put a case on theyr phone like asap??

I can't stand cases. I recently caved in and decided to use bodyguardz film, but I won't use a case. I tried the window case for my LG G2 for a few months, but every time I took the case off, I loved the feel of the phone better. An engineer team spent a lot of time making my phone balanced and beautiful. To me, cases always make my phone feel bulky and unruly. Putting a case on a phone is like putting a case on a Rolex.

Yea but a rolex stays on your wrist & there's only a miniscule chance of it falling off n hitting the floor...I didnt put out 600 cash for my Note 3 (no warranty) to risk it without sum protection. Lol At work I have my Otterbox Defender on & once Friday comes I throw on my Spigen SlimArmor View. Also I cant stand metal phones...I want to be able to swap out my own battery easily or put in a mammoth 10000mah ZeroLemon if I want...also need my external

Not even surprised one bit.

Crapple will do anything to take Android down.

Also, 9% of devices run KK? I call BS.

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The little engine that should have, because it's engine rocked, but couldn't, because it's wheels fell off. Best OS stuck in the worse hardware. Who seriously thought making the screen and body one seamless piece of plastic was a good idea? Got to love the crack that started from the charging port and eventually walked all the way across the screen....grrr.

Would wearables be a part of this share in the coming years because that would provide some interesting results?

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