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We're back for another weekly photo contest, and this go 'round the subject is something near and dear to my heart -- the great outdoors. It means different things to different folks, but I think inside all of us there's a part that loves seeing the beauty in the world around us. Yours won't look like mine or anyone else's, and that's what makes it great. Take a minute and share what you see with us all, and get a chance to win a cool little prize -- the AndruĀ USB charger. It's shaped like bugdroid, has light up eyes, and will keep your phone charged up and ready to go. The rules are simple:

  • Use an Android device to take a picture. Any Android device
  • Submit the picture in the forum thread we have set up for this week, so everyone can see your handiwork. E-mail was swamping us, and not everyone got to see all the entries. This way, we get to see them all. We like seeing it all.
  • Only submit one. We're going to check, and we'll know if you try to game the system.
  • Be sure to tell what device you used, and any effects or filters used on the photo. We can learn from these as well as have fun.
  • Get your picture in by Friday midnight (your local time). We'll pick the winner and the runners-up and throw them on the blog Sunday afternoon.

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Reader comments

Android Central weekly photo contest: The great outdoors


I'll have to get a shot later. Just wondering... who won last weeks contest? (the shapes/textures one) I looked but couldn't see the post where you announced the winner. I just want to see the best pics, because there were some incredible shots last week!

Does the picture have to had been taken during the contest period, or could it be a previously taken picture (but still on my Droid). I have a nice shot, and don't know if I'll be able to get outdoors to get anything this week.

Can it be a 3D picture?

Just asking because I know 3D is still kind of a niche thing to most people.