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We've reached Week 2 of our monthlong Stuff Your Stocking contest here at Android Central. We've already given away eight $10 Google Play Gift Cards, and we've got 23 more to go! And don't forget that everyone who wins is automatically entered to win a free Nexus 4!

Week 1 went down in our forums. We'll announce the winners on Monday. Week 2 is happening at YouTube. Or, more specifically, at our YouTube channel. To enter this week, all you have to do is subscribe to our channel, and then leave a comment on one of our videos. (Figure while you're there you might as well help class up the joint.) And that's it. You've got all week to get it done, and we'll announce the winners from this round next Monday, Dec. 17.

And we've still got two more weeks of giveaways after that. Plus, Google slipped a little something into our stocking as well (those of you who were at Thursday night's podcast recording know what I'm talking about), so look for that soon, too. Good luck!

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ramurphyjr says:

Best 'Droid coverage on the planet!

phydeaux47 says:

Thanks for your great coverage of all things Android, it has been a terrific help along the way.......

jamesrmca1 says:

If it's not here, it's not Android. I visit Android Central numerous times each day to stay in know and updated on the last developments, visit the forums, and get tips.

scraptacular says:

You guys are the best! One question though - what if my You Tube username is different than my AC username...???

w5t1h7 says:

You could have the youtube account linked to your G+ account! :)

TheOtherBill says:

Heh, my youtube name is different than my G+ ID but the same as my ID here. And they all point to the same gmail. I hope that's good enough.

richar524 says:

Way to go...:-)

Vgkantis says:

Great!! Thanks Android Central!

randyw says:

Have had a subscription to your you tube channel for some time now. But with a different user name than my AC account.

S-Doo-1965 says:

Sign me up

amosque57 says:

Thanks for all you guys have done

NGEFreek says:

Sweet, something to add to my daily list of things to check.

RonD says:

I enjoy all review and how to video's.

ankurbajaj9 says:


please make me win

w5t1h7 says:

i want to win something! l

anon721672 says:

I'm doing it for the win, I'm doing it for the thrill....

I know this site because of nexus 4 :d

BrianTufo says:

Subscribed. :)

wolftail says:

subscribed :P

btehan says:

Pick me!

fndpena says:

Androidcentral is just the best. It's my daily read to stay updated of all android news. You guys are great. :)

m1armor says:

Subscribed. Another way to keep me updated of all things android.... I would love to win.

mkbomb says:

Dreaming of a Nexus 4. Thanks for a great site and giveaway. Happy Holidays!

Hatshepsut says:

You guys are the best!

nighthawk700 says:

Okay, I subscribed, but I still wish you would caption your videos for those of us who are deaf/hard-of-hearing! Watch some of your videos with the sound off and see how useful it is.

reevester says:

Go go go!

Fairclough says:

Do we get points for wanting the nexus 4 the mostest and entering multiple times.

my3chis says:

Loving it here!

gtricecakes says:

Thanks AC!

JinCT says:

Thanks for making my day AC!

always great coverage guys!!!

staindone says:

Great site, the only Android site I use.

Azwizzard says:

Thanks for the chance!!!! Love the site!

OffSpot2 says:

I have subscribed. Would love to win a stocking stuffer!

swelch87 says:

sweet, but do I comment here or the youtube channel? oh well I commented both. This site rocks.

The best place to go for android news. Period.

BillJude56 says:

You taskmasters! Making us learn something for a shot at a Nexus 4.

WEM97 says:

You guys are awesome! Keep up the good work!

Victor Chan says:

Thk for the great news!

BobJones19 says:

I leave a comment here too.

mcm180 says:

Pure awesomesauce!!!

dbon12 says:

Best android news and forum on the web!

Angle1555 says:

Would love to win one to give as a gift!

slbuck says:

Subscribed and commented. Pick me.

FangFan62 says:

Cool contest! Please pick me! :0)

mlndshh says:


draken says:

Done and done, thanks AC for the chance to win something this holiday season.

ch_vs says:

Done, hope I win!

avataranjie says:

The world of android is always expanding the :D

Jzsidebott says:

I wanna wanna wanna win!!

alexfisher says:

Thanks for being the best reputable source of information on Android on the planet. You guys rock

I am subscribed an left comments. Can i please have a prize? :-)

valapsp says:

Here I comment.

dmedesha says:

You folks have some clever ideas for contests. I appreciate not having to use any of the social media services I will not subscribe to, to enter.

ASR95 says:

Subscribed and I'm in !