ROM review -- ApeX 1.4

For many of us, half the fun of having an Android phone is running a customized version of the OS on our phones.  OK, more than half.  Custom ROMs can offer a very different experience from what the manufacturer intended, and often times it's like having a new phone to play with.  This week, Android Central forums moderator terpitude71 is going to have a look at the ApeX 1.4 ROM as running on his Droid X.  Kick back, and head past the break to have a read. Thanks Brad!

ROM Review: ApeX 1.4 for Droid X and Droid 2

If you own a Droid X or Droid 2, you know the custom ROM scene can be a little lacking compared to other devices, thanks to Motorola locking down the bootloaders on their more recent smartphones. However, there are a few ROM makers out there dedicated to providing a custom experience on our Motorola devices. Fabolous, with his ApeX rom, is one of the best. Apex offers a mix of speed and customization that makes an already awesome phone even more fun to use.
One of the more polarizing elements of the Motorola Android phones is the Motoblur UI. Those that prefer a stock Android experience despise it, whereas some (myself included) actually quite like some of the custom widgets and applications that Motoblur provides. One of the best features of ApeX is that it allows you to control how much blur you want on your device. On previous versions of ApeX, you were able to add and remove these blur apps by running scripts through Terminal Emulator, which comes pre-installed on the rom. The new 1.4 update to ApeX makes this process even easier with the ApeX Toolbox. Dislike the Motoblur gallery app and would rather have the AOSP 3D gallery? All it takes it a few quick menu choices to switch them out. The same goes for the messaging app, car dock app, and more. You can even quickly and easily make some quick theme tweaks, such as removing the clock from your notification bar. ApeX even includes an option to install the recently leaked Connected music player that will appear in the updated Motoblur on the Atrix and Bionic. The Toolbox feature allows ApeX to be as AOSP or Blurred as you want it to be.
The Droid X and Droid 2 are fast phones to begin with. By optimizing and zip aligning the framework and stock apps, ApeX makes your X/D2 feel even faster. This ROM really flies. If you feel the need to speed things up even more, ApeX has jrummy’s overclocking script pre-installed. All of this comes without sacrificing battery life; even without overclocking, I have found that my battery actually lasts longer on ApeX than it did on stock. There are a few tweaks included that give ApeX some unique flair, like custom transition animations. You also get a default theme based on the Gingerbread SDK, which is very slick. If the green and black Gingerbread theme is not your style, then there are several other themes available to download.

ApeX has even more features besides what was mentioned above. Check it out in the ApeX thread right here in the Android Central forums. ApeX stands out as one of the best custom ROMs available for the Droid X and Droid 2. Whether you are a previous ApeX user, or are new to custom ROMs, I highly recommend giving ApeX 1.4 a whirl. You can download the ROM from the above mentioned thread. Installing is super easy. Just toss the .zip file on your SD card and flash with Rom Manager (you must have Koush’s Droid X/2 Bootstrapper and Clockwork recovery installed first).

About screen  ApexToolbox

App Drawer  Friends widget

Music player  Music player

linpack  Quadrant



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kevlars9 says:

I love this new segment. Please keep doing more!

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textiaac says:


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i am a grammar nazi so you mis spelled for in the first word :P

Fixed :)

The scary part -- spellcheck says Fro is a word o_O

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Fro is a word. Usually used as "to and fro," similar to "back and forth."

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You are a pure and utter failure of a "grammar nazi". Congratulations.

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unless he/she was being ironic, in which case I have to rule that a success.

gregg37 says:

Fro. lol

Thisguy89 says:

I might check it out on my D2, but it's gonna have to be REALLY good to keep me from going back to Liberty v1.5.

kentusmc says:

Who cares who mis spelled what, please keep up the Rom reviews, Liberty next?

Jet300 says:

What's up with that Quadrant score?? It's lower than my stock DX running Launcher Pro?

goblueboy says:

please do one on liberty. liberty is IMO the best rom to happen for the droid x.

patfactorx says:

I like Motoblur too but yes I do with I had more options.

I wish the custom roms would play with the contacts list and add the copy and paste like Motoblur does.

moosc says:

I tried this and didn't like it. certain apps would force close and some big ones Luke Tb, Fb,Yt, and some others. speed was slower then my current Rom DarkSlide4.2. also you need to use a terminal emulator to load extras. that is just insanity.

Genaro12543 says:

Pleez keep up the rom reviews. Roms are tight

storm14k says:

Yes please keep the ROM reviews coming. I have't come across any "formal" way of keeping up with all the good ROM work going on out there.

en28so says:

I'm testing this rom right now. Battery life seems to be great. 17 hours of battery life with moderate use.

jerrykur says:

This section is an excellent idea!!! I look forward to Jerry's insights.

brochiller says:

Nice one on listening to the Oasis song.

Is there one of these rom reviews for the evo somewhere? If so, could someone post a link?


conazo#AC says:

Best Rom Ever for The Droid X Period! Very Fast and i mean Fasssst! and the Battery Life is just unbelievable Trust me lasts 3 times more than stock give this Rom a shot and you won't Regret it. APEX Let's Go!!!

jeffreytz says:

Custom ROM reviews are an excellent idea, please keep these coming!

FR3SH JIV3 says:

Great article. Convinced me to root my phone for the first time and give this ROM a try. So far I am impressed.

gcims says:

Ditto me. Took the leap. The forums here and how vids make it easy.

lovo says:

i want that friend widget!!!!!! music player is pretty sweet tooo how can i get them??????