Galaxy Note S Pen Challenge

Samsung recently announced their Galaxy Note S Pen App Challenge -- say that 10 times fast -- encouraging development for their 5.3-behemoth and its stylus S Pen. They're still in the submission period for interested developers, but the details on just who will be on the judging panel have emerged. 

We've got a representative from Samsung, someone from Gameloft, BlueRun Ventures and even the AT&T VP of Consumer Marketing. Not bad, but sitting top of that list -- and no, we're sure it isn't because everything is in alphabetical order on who they work for -- is our very own Mr. Phil Nickinson.

That's right, folks, AC is on the panel, and will be involved in making one lucky developer very happy. About $100,000 happy to be precise. There is of course a judging criteria, and apps will be judged upon the quality of the idea, the implementation of the idea and overall user experience. Cash bribes sent to Phil will have absolutely no influence whatsoever. 

Judging begins April 9. with the winners announced on April 20.

Source: Galaxy Note S-Pen Challenge


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Android Central on the judging panel for the Galaxy Note S Pen App Challenge


Gameloft will not support a majority of the reviews submitted. Their initial participation will be free but then they will charge for each review they give.

Congratulations to Mr. Nickinson, and to Samsung for the judicious selection!

Now, let's see those apps...

"Cash bribes sent to Phil will have absolutely no influence whatsoever"

Nonetheless, I'm sure they'll be accepted!

I have heard rumors of the note coming to verizon as the galaxy journal.I hope these rumors are true but I haven't seen anything recent. These rumors were mostly back in January. I would love to have a white one on big red!! That phone is awesome but I will not switch and lose my unlimited data. Besides I am surrounded by vz 4G lte! Does anyone have any news on this?

p.s Phil you are awesome!