Google today unveiled its Android wearable plans in the form of Android Wear, a platform that'll first be used to power Android smartwatches. And we've already seen the first hardware announcements from LG and Motorola — the squarish G Watch and curvy Moto 360.

It's big news for Android and wearable computing, and as such it's time for an emergency Android Central podcast broadcast! Join Phil Nickinson, Kevin Michaluk, Adam Zeis and David Lundblad at 4 p.m. E.T. for a special podcast focusing on today's Android Wear announcements!


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Android Central Emergency Podcast Broadcast: Android Wear


Yes, I can picture Phil running to a bust of Shakespeare, pulling the head back and pressing a button then turning to Jerry and saying, "To the Pod-Cave!" (I don't picture him in tights because that would be just wrong.)

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Yeah, lol. However interesting all this may be. Wearables are still in their infancy.

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Well, maybe they need to declare an Emergency because Google is already planning their End of Life. ;-)

For the record, the sdk indicates resolutions of 320x320(rounded) and 280x280 as far as I can tell. I forget the screen res on the gear, but that seems sufficient. The pics and videos seem believable for the moto 360.

I'm working an 11hr shift tonight, I'll listen to it at some point tonight, using Stitcher.

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And here I thought the emergency was Apple inventing the large smartphone....

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