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Better known for its microSD cards, Sandisk has released its own memory management application onto the Android Market. Whereas popular file management apps like Astro allow you to dive deep into the file system on your device, Sandisk aims to cast a wider net by linking into cloud storage services as well. 

The underlying intent is to assist you with backing up your device's contacts, photos, music, videos, documents and even apps to either your memory card, or to your Dropbox and accounts. It also works the other way allowing you to restore from these locations. You can set up your backups to occur automatically at different time intervals using the "Backup/Restore" function. This only allows you to utilise automatic backups over wifi by default, so you don't need to worry about gigabytes worth of data uploading in your pocket while you're sat on the bus. There is still an option to allow upload over cellular data though should you want it. 

The app also allows you to access your Picasa and Google Docs accounts. Through both of these services you can both upload to and download your content from the cloud to your device as well as deleting files from your cloud storage.

The app has a really nice looking UI, and splits all your files into type; music, images, videos, documents, and applications. If theres something specific you have in mind that you're trying to find, a little of the work is taken care of. 

It comes at the moment with the beta tag, but feels really polished and could well replace a number of memory management applications by combining so many services into one.  

Sandisk Memory Zone is available free in the Android Market. Download links and screenshots available after the break. 

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Android App Review: Sandisk Memory Zone



look at the top pic! its a nexus S!!!
and it has purpleblue in the bar!!!


Like it. Now if Mozy would do this we would have a complete backup scheme for phone, tab, and PC! One backup to rule them all.

When a program such as this backs up an app, does it also back up the app's data (settings, etc)?

will not access any cloud service over 3G/4G only via WiFi and until it will allow for 3G/4G access to cloud then it is a totally worthless app - Removing.