Motorola Droid Maxx and Droid Ultra

Android 4.4.4 has hit Nexuses and Google Play editions, and now it's the latest lineup of Motorola Droids that get in on the update fun with the latest soak test. As Motorola told us ahead of time, the Droid Maxx, Ultra and Mini are going to skip over Android 4.4.3 and go right to 4.4.4 — and those who are part of the Motorola Feedback Network are starting to see the OTA hit their devices.

The 285MB download brings the devices up to Android 4.4.4, of course, along with improved camera performance, fixes for visual voicemail and compatibility with the ISIS mobile payment (for now, anyways) system that Verizon is a partner on. If you haven't signed up for the Feedback Network you can expect to see this update hit your phone in the coming days as Motorola makes sure that everything goes according to plan with the soak test.

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Android 4.4.4 update hitting Droid Maxx, Ultra and Mini via latest soak test


One other thing to add regarding the Droid Maxx on 4.4 and the upgrade to 4.4.4:

Previously there was a bug that if you were on any screen but the middle screen (say, the far right screen), entered an app on that screen, and hit home, it took you all the way to the middle screen as if you double-tapped home, yet you really didn't double-tap it. That has now been fixed. You hit home once to return to the previous screen (for example, that far right screen I said earlier), and you hit home a second time to truly go to the home screen.

This was an annoying as heck bug and I'm glad it's fixed. I see nothing different otherwise at this time, but I'm still messing around with it. Total install time for me from start to finish was 12 minutes.

That was in the original release of 4.4 for the Droid Mini as well, but that service release that turned the notification bar icons white fixed it for mine.

Yes, It takes forever to charge phone now!!!
These updates really suck and with every one you get unwanted bloatware or things you will never use and can not remove. I am done with updates.

Motorola you are doing something right since you are able to pass updates quickly from the world's worst carrier.

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At least sprint has unlimited data.

Verizon has nothing going for it except coverage. And most people don't really travel outside their state most of the time.

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Unlimited data is useless if the service is crap. I had that with Sprint and could barely get a 3G signal 5 miles outside of a major city. With Verizon I get LTE in the city and cow country... and it's much faster.

Plus what makes you think people don't leave the state they're in? that's a pretty ridiculous statement

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I think he meant that most people don't leave their home state all the time every week or whatever. Someone in a large state like California or Texas might only leave their state once every year or two. Or never. I know someone who has never been to any other state except their home.

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I have unlimited on Verizon, so there's that.
But you're captain hateful troll, so these kind of comments are kinda expected from you.

I wholeheartedly agree with you I was lucky enough to get the unlimited data while verizon was it offering it and was able to keep it but doesn't do me any good because half the time my phone does not have service so far with little loan data service my husband is a truck driver so he's out of state a lot well I'm stuck home in Indiana out in the middle of bfe I am so frustrated and aggravated I hate this new KitKat 4.4 4 I was using foxfi and had to get a new phone and my phone came with it now I can't use foxfi and I hear you can't uninstall the KitKat 4.4 update this is Bologna I am so sick of verizon crap and Motorola's can't wait for my upgrade to come and then I'm getting the heck away from Motorola and hopefully I can talk to my husband and get away from Verizon at least for me its really sad because I've had verizon since 2005 until up. To 5 years ago was very pleased with them they've become nothing but money grubbing company would no longer cares about their customers

This makes no sense. I've been assured time and time and time again that Verizon holds up updates...HTC promises an update within 90 days and doesn't deliver-It's Verizon fault. Samsung takes months and months to update their phone-It's Verizon's fault. Clearly this is an error as there is no way a phone a Verizon will be getting this update before December. Funny joke AC...there is no soak test.

I hope this is tongue in cheek sarcasm that I am missing, because there IS a soak test going on, and we know someone smart enough at XDA will get the update file for all to use if they don't want to wait, and barring any major issues (which I have not experienced any in a small 90 minute sample time) it will be released to all. The last one which was minor went from soak test to wide release in a very short turnaround time, like not even a week. I'll keep plugging away at testing 4.4.4 but from my normal use I see no issues yet and I bet by month's end it is released.

If I would have posted from my Ultra it would have been clear that this is sarcasm, but my Ultra may or may not be updating right now. I can neither confirm nor deny that because as we all know, this mythical soak test would be confidential if it were real.
But yeah, just pointing out how extremely ridiculous(I don't like to use the word stupid) that people are when they blame Verizon for things that are clearly the fault of OEMs and not carriers.

Yeah, sometimes blame can definitely get misplaced. Those who don't believe it? Work in a call center. The company screws up and upsets a customer, but since YOU are the rep, it's all YOUR fault and YOU have to fix it. A PITA is what that is. I have experienced this many times. You try to take the approach of not letting it personally get to you, but yet when the company is incompetent, it wears you thin.

Anyway enough side rant. Back to 4.4.4 talk, which will end for me soon tonight as bed time s coming.

Yeah bullshit because I have a droid ultra on Verizon and received my update today and have been receiving my updates on time as scheduled by Motorola yet my girlfrieind on sprint hasn't received an update in almost a year hmm now who doesn't receive updates funny how I'm running 4.4.4 yet everyone else is stuck on 4.4.0 doubt it people just like to ruin Verizon's name they are a great company and I've kept service where sprint att and T-Mobile lost it

Duh. These phones aren't even a year old. Were you under the mistaken impression that Motorola is like LG when it comes to updates?

May just be a reference to the company changing its name due to a bit of a conflict with an organization that now uses that acronym with which they do not wish to be associated.

Yes. The clickable link in the story discusses the Middle East situation and how they have a militant group called ISIS: Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. So the the tech product is trying to change to disassociate.

Thanks, but I'm not entirely sure that makes sense; I am aware of the conflict and the change, but the way the article is written it sounds like its making it compatible "for now" not compatible with a later change . . doesn't matter I guess, just wondering . . . .

Droids getting updated before Verizon's Moto X?
I'm not mad, since the phone works just fine, but I wouldn't mind getting updated.

The Droids have been bypassed for a few incremental updates and are jumping from 4.4 to 4.4.4.

So complaints from Moto X owners, and praise about fast turnaround on updates, are both somewhat misplaced.

Yeah I'm pretty sure that for their Flagship Motorola will just go to Android L rather than 4.4.4 and it'll probably be out within the week that the Nexus devices get it. To many it'll look like the turnaround was sort but really I'm sure they're already working on the Android L update and the carriers will have it before it's released so it would have already gone through the certification process. At least that's how I'm picturing this going.

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I just signed up for the Motorola Feedback Network and activated it on my phone around 1 hr ago and for some reason and cant see the soak update :(... Am I doing something wrong??

Being part of the MFN doesn't guarantee getting soak tests. I got passed over for this and May's minor update despite being in the network since last fall.

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How's battery life since the update? I think my Mini suffered after 4.4, but I've never had great smartphone battery life.

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the only device on the list to be updated that we have not heard aloiut soak testing is the Ekectify M xt902 could it be they are going to change their mind and say no update upgrade your devioce

Got the 4.4.4 update on a Droid Ultra recently and immediately began to experience charging issues. The phone will no longer recognize that it is connected to a wall or vehicle charger or a computer for file exchanging purposes. The only solution I have found is to completely shut down and restart the phone, at which point it will work until fully charged and then fail again. Definitely an annoying inconvenience when combined with the reduced battery life I have also observed.

The update took away the ability to add multiple people to a text from your address book. I no longer have the address book box to the right of the "To" field in a text to take me to my address book so that I can check multiple recipients. You now have to type each person's name into the "To" field. It was much faster to be able to check them off through the address book.