With each new version of Android there's a new, hidden animation tucked away in a corner of the Settings app. In Ice Cream Sandwich it was a NyanCat-style bugdroid robot. In Jelly Bean it was a field of floating, happy multicolored beans. In Android 4.4 KitKat there are actually three layers to the hidden animation — first a big spinning "K," then an KitKat-style Android logo, then a big grid of jumping confectionery celebrating Android versions of old.

Check out the animation in our video above.


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Android 4.4 KitKat 'Easter egg' animation


He got it a little while ago, actually. Based on his Twitter feed, two hours ago! So that's probably why he's having fun toying around with it.. the envy.. oh, the envy.

I'm NOT going to check my local carphone warehouse, just in case of the unlikely event they have them in stock. Must repeat my mantra "nexus 4 is getting KitKat, I don't need a nexus 5. Nexus 4 is getting KitKat, I don't need a nexus 5." Unless I win one! In which case I know someone who will appreciate my old N4 :p

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Yeah I thought a Nexus was supposed to be bloatware free?

I am just kidding...

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you