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Looks like folks with rooted and hacked phones won't have to wait very long to have a crack at the Android 2.3.4 update, as the code and the proprietary binaries (radio and GPU software) have already been pushed to the AOSP source tree.  Googler Jean-Baptiste Queru has sent out word via the Android Building Google group, and I'm sure the wires and tubes are on fire getting things downloaded.  At least they are here at Chez Jeri'.

Look for a pre-built Nexus S version of the Gingerbread update (which will be GRJ22) shortly, and I'm sure builds for other devices will follow quickly -- as will CM nightlies.

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Android 2.3.4 and proprietary binaries pushed to AOSP


Damn, just when I was starting to dig MIUI. I know CM only takes a few days at most, is anyone familiar with MIUI's timetables with updates?

Flipz won't ever be touching this, per se, he builds his ROMs off leaks and official releases of stock Sprint/HTC ROMs... That being said, the fact that GB is being updated again w/such a major feature does lead some credence to the theory that manufacturers and carriers have been putting off their GB updates for good reason. I certainly hope so, otherwise I'm gonna be mighty tempted to switch to CM soon, if the EVO 3D doesn't launch with this built-in before that. :p

I have MIUI camera along with CM7 camera in 7.0.2
While MIUI is better than CM7, Sense beats them both.
sense had touch focus which allowed to direct the focus and allowed for depth of field images.
Also, MIUI has issues. It locks on focus, then will lose it when you snap photo.

Again... I stated 'clone' for a reason, I'm aware Sense apk 's are tied to sense framework.

The camera app kinda looks crappy but I personally think it operates better than sense. And the 3d gallery is 100 times better.

That's the one thing that would make stock a whole lot better. Unfortunately you can't just port sense stuff to stock. Different build props, etc. don't you think someone would of done it already? Haha. I mean maybe just certain add ons should be made to the camera.

The main thing that was great about Sense camera app is directional focus. Where you touched, that's where it focused. Hold the focus point for a few seconds and it snapped a picture focused where you touched.

That is the feature that should be brought over. I mean built in to many android apps is 2 levels of touch... one behavior for short touch another for long touch. I'm no developer but it seems an easy implementation.
At the very least, CM should get rid of that God awful grey frame around the camera app... it looks like Retro 80's art and just eats up screen real estate.