RUU leak 

If you're adventurous, there's no need to wait for HTC to get you "back on track" with the official Froyo, as the RUU has been leaked out.  A RUU is a Windows program that's usually used by technicians to restore or upgrade an Android phone to the latest version.  Using one is easy:

  • Charge your Evo's battery to at least 75 percent
  • Make sure HTC Sync is installed on your PC
  • Turn on USB debugging on your phone
  • Connect to your computer, and use the charge only USB profile
  • Double click the RUU and follow the prompts

Warning -- this will erase all your data, as well as break any and all known root methods.  And we'll remind you of a long talk we had during last night's podcast (and which was reiterated by HTC). In fact, we'll just quote HTC"When official (software) updates are ready, HTC or your carrier will notify you. Unofficial software can create future issues." Words to live by.

All that said, See the source link for the download link. [xda-developers] Thanks salomy!


Reader comments

Another leak updates Evo 4G to official version [#Froyogeddon]


If a new leak comes out for the Incredible every three hours I will install each and every one of them. (I think I have a problem)

C'mon now, the leak has done 0% harm. Everyone talks about it as if it bricked a million phones out there.
A small 4G bug and a .3 instead of .6 in the version was the only difference. 3 was unofficial, 6 was official. Minor build difference.
I, personally, have had 0 issues on .3

Sorry, just my 0.5 cents

But if you don't apply the MS-Windows-only wipe/upgrade, then you will be stuck with the pre-2.2 upgrade forever, since it will probably never OTA update again. A lot like installing your own "ROM" would be.

You don't know that yet. There may be an OTA update to do what this does. Personally, I'm downloading this one to have it just in case HTC and Sprint make you come in to upgrade from .3 to .6. Otherwise, I'm going to wait patiently for a few more weeks to see what the official line is.

You are right, I don't know that.... sorry. This is a leaked version, so I guess we will have to wait and see.

MS-Windows only? That kinda sucks. Oooh, it also wipes the phone completely! I was so tempted to install that upgrade at the time, I am glad I waited a few extra days.

I am not quite sure I understand why the OTA is broken for people who used the unofficial upgrade. Since the OTA is a newer version number, why didn't it pull it over the air?

It's most likely because the update was a more of a patch up than a full update. You can only patch from one version to another version as there are specific files that need to be updated and changes that need to be made. HTC has already said they are working on a way to get everyone up to the proper version. They are probably working on an OTA patch to go from .3 to .6. They just need to write it, and test it throughly before they let it out.

But if you don't apply the MS-Windows-only wipe/upgrade, then you will be stuck with the pre-2.2 upgrade forever, since it will probably never OTA update again. A lot like installing your own "ROM" would be.

Mine does too. It lags quite a lot. I don't know if it's from the leaked version only though. I tried uninstalling some apps and clearing some pictures and videos. No difference. Wonder if anyone else has this problem.

I'm assuming this is the same version that was released on Monday/Tuesday the 2nd/3rd just in RUU format, correct? Mainly for those that installed the leaked version a week or two prior to the official version being released. Anyone who got it over the air since the above dates doesn't need to download.

The only issue I have with the early upgrade I did is my text messaging is really slow. :/ I'm gonna wait on the OTA for .6

I am applying the update says the operation will take about 10 minutes...its been 40 and Im sitting at 57% complete on the RUU and the phones green HTC bar is all the way across with no action...
am i screwed or what?

I applied the update and it took exactly 7 minutes for the entire process. My phone now reads the official release of .6 and I have absolutely no even allowed me to load my Ymail account which I could not do before.

I am a Newbie, still haven't done the OTA on my Evo, kind of waiting on more comments on performance. But is this only for the folks that have the FroYo .3 or is it in addition to .6, helllllpppp!!!!

Everyone just needs to have a little patience. Lack of patience is what got us all in this situation to begin with. It's a minor release number, all that it fixes is a 4G bug. If your having problems due to the unofficial update, then it's a lesson learned, just be glad that HTC is being kind enough to write an upgrade for those of us that jumped the gun and used the unofficial method.

This RUU is the one Sprint has. The guy got it from the Sprint Service Center. Then he posted it to help us out. It works. I had .3 now I have the official .6. As of right now if you want the official update you have to go to a service center. This is the same file. The only thing is that it returns your phone to stock as if you just bought it.

I guess I don't undertsand the logic of giving up root when roms will be out in a few days that do everything this does and more.

I suppose they'll have this rooted soon too so there is that. But there is always the potential the boffins at sprint will finally create an unrootable ota. Ill stick with root.