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Ah, the extremely rare Star Trek/Knight Rider/Inspector Gadget trifecta. Well played, LG. Well played.

Your move, Motorola.

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... and LG takes the lead in the Android Wear marketing race


Wait, didn't the first Samsung Gear used the same pop culture clips in their commercial already?

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That's what I was thinking. Maybe not the exact same references, but definitely the same concept.

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Yeah, because this Sony clone will fare so much better than the actual Sony watch which noone buys... Especially when they're advertising it with a Samsung commercial.... =)

It's obvious every manufacturer will use it, it's brilliant, and Samsung doesn't own that footage, hell I'd use it if I came out with a smart watch. Samsung came out with a shit watch anyways.

Which is still what... 100 million potential buyers (considering only those with compatible phones)? Maybe more? There's a lot of potential buyers out there - though it is a shame that HTC, Motorola, etc are as outside to the Samsung ecosystem as Apple.

Here's my issue, even if LG's smartwatch is awesome, I want a round one. So Motorola already is ahead for me no matter what LG does. But this is a great ad picture!

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There is a reason for manufacturers choose rectangular watch than round ones. Just imagine scrolling texts on round watch... lol

Motorola obviously didn't think carefully past the round design. All they care about is style and forgot the function part. Lol.

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That depends entirely on what you want your watch to do. If you want it to serve primarily as a notification window + voice activated the it will work great

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I don't think they had to think of function as Google did that for them; they provide native support for both round and square faces. And when it comes to watches, it's a very blurred line between which is more important between form and function. A lot of people care more that the watch looks good than the functionality being as good, and there's plenty of people that feel the opposite.

It's not just form vs function either, a round watch is typically more comfortable to wear too, specially if we're looking at fairly large watch faces. I guess ergonomics fall under functionality but they're often underestimated.

Because with the abundant amount of information on the Motorola 360 we know all about the functions.

How about we wait until we see what the actual release model can do before we say that the round face doesn't work.

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IKR, I remember that one round watch where reading texts really sucked...either that or lets wait and see how it actually looks before we decide it won't work.

Nevermind, this is AC, home of making judgements about a product that nobody has ever laid eyes on.

I beg to differ. We've seen a mock up of the watch but nothing that can review by the general public.

I take it you didnt see the hangout with moto 360's lead designer, because we saw a real live version there, though I do agree, we had nothing to actually 'review'

Android Wear is set up to support round watch faces. I'm sure it will do just fine. After seeing the Moto X, the Moto G, and the Moto E, I have lots of faith in Motorola. I have a MotoX.

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Actually a 2" square display only has an area of 2 square inches while a 2" round display has an area of 3.14 square inches, so going round gives you more than 50% more screen while maintaining the same diagonal dimension, not to mention that the Moto watch has less bezel. Plus round displays draw your eye to the center for easier glancing. That said my mind is not made up either, the G Watch would match my Nexus better so I dunno yet

A 2" square has 4 square inches of area (2x2=4). 4 > 3.14. Just hold a 2" circle over a 2" square and you can still see the square.

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Ah, I see. It makes you wonder how each manufacturer will justify the shape in marketing.

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Umm did you pass geometry? Screens are measured diagonally, not by width, remember a²+b²=c²? You are picturing a mighty big square my friend, a 2" square display is only 1.4 inches wide

Wow, I'm not sure why you feel the need to be rude. My math was sound. I did use the Pythagorean theorem. However, LCD screens and how they are measured are not a part of any geometry curriculum. Your post mentioned a 2" square, so I took that to mean a 2" square. Mea culpa for misunderstanding you, but don't be an ass about it.

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"...so going round gives you more than 50% more screen while maintaining the same DIAGONAL dimension..."

In his defense, your original post did come off as a little confusing. You said a 2" square display, meaning a square display that is 2" on the diagonal, but it could easily be read as a 2x2 display (a 2" squared display) and thereby misunderstood. No need to get snippy about it. If you're going to hammer him on his Geometry, you also have to hammer yourself on your English and written communication.

Ahh the good ol' LG copying Samsung act has moved into the smart watch marketing.

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At least LG's UI looks more akin to Stock Android than Shitsung.

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You comment all the time and your stupidity makes me want to sucker Punch your fat mother for raising an idiot like you, god damnit you're such a giraffe boner.

Does LG have proofreaders? Or do they just let Google Translate spit out their marketing material?
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Sooo I think you mean that it was originally Korean and you guys GT'd it? If so, thanks!

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It seems that you can get better results if you Google translate from Korean to Japanese first and then from Japanese to English.

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I'm actually considering buying the LG G Watch. It appears to be coming out sooner than the Moto 360 and will most likely be cheaper.

Am I the only one who read the text on the ad? Because I feel like we should be taking about this. And by "talking" I mean "ridiculing". And by "ridiculing" I mean creating some memes.

I'd rather ridicule you. If you could actually read Korean, then the page wouldn't have needed to be translated and would have made perfect sense, but you're just not that bright.
How about going and getting yourself educated.

"If you could actually read Korean..."

You're saying this like it's a common second language to learn.

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Riiiiiight!! Nothing like posting a 6 year old article to prove...ummm...what exaclty are you trying to prove by posting a 6 year old article?

Are you really going to make me post more recent articles just to back up a factless claim you attempted to use to make someone look stupid when really it had the reverse effect?

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I really hope you guys look back at this one day and say to yourself "wow.. we really had that argument"

lol you got 'im worked up.

My second language is Spanish, which is more common in my area. I won't ridicule people trying to speak on the fly, but if you're going to take the time to translate something, you should do it right. I think Google Translate might have done a better job.

I was leaning towards the moto 360 but seeing how LG's comes with a kit car I'm definitely definitely going with the LG!

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Please tell me the ad copy was put through Google Translate or something, and that it didn't actually print like that.

"I write with a smartphone-like" he said.

this is a google translated page. The original ad said something like:
우리 생활 속에 깊이 파고든 스마트폰에 이어 이제는 스마트워치가 점차 사람들의 관심을 끌고 있습니다. “스마트폰과 함께 쓰면 좋아요~”라면서요. 손목에 착용하는 스마트워치는 이미 영화나 만화에서도 오래 전부터 등장해 온 아이템이기 때문에 그 개념이 낯설지는 않습니다.

I'm a korean and this makes perfect sense. That means what you see on the ad is english translated from korean ad. 100%.

thanks...I got a far better translation here:

Following the smartphone that has entered deeply into our lives, and now, smart watch has attracted people's attention gradually. It is said that "... I should I use with the smartphone." Smart watch that is worn on the wrist, because it is the item that has appeared for a long time in the comics and movies already, the concept is not unfamiliar.
(Korean -> Japanese -> English)

If LG's watch can get my car to me with turbo boost, or get me out of this Genesis cave then I'll get one. Otherwise, its not really my style.

The number of people who assumed that the ad text was originally written in broken English without considering that maybe, just maybe it was an automatic translation from Korean is embarrassing.

I have seen much worse broken English on completely serious ads and signs. In fact, there are entire websites devoted to documenting that sort of thing. So excuuuse me for considering that possibility

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And if you're going to translate something, do it well, or don't do it at all. And above all, tell folks its translated.

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This to the 3rd power!

... and for all those who can read the other language:

3 힘이

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Yeah...still buying the Moto 360 solely because it's the first smartwatch to actually look like a watch. And being made by one of the best Android manufacturers around is another bonus.

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I, personally, have yet to see one that looks like a watch in the way that the Moto 360 does. Some sort of look like watches, but you could easily mistake the 360 for a real watch if you weren't looking at it closely. That's what I've been waiting for.

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Here's the thing. With all the marketing Samsung has dine, with everything LG is trying to do... People are still more interested in the Moto. LG has a lot of marketing tondo to approach the hype that Motorola has hit with no marketing.

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You are somewhat right... It does have a ton of hype... but really only with the Techosphere, guys like us.

The average consumer has barely heard about smartwatches at all, and if they have its only the Samsung Galaxy Gear.
So LG has a lot of room to move in and grab all those consumers who do not own a Samsung device... because all they know is "i could get a smartwatch if i had a samsung, oh wait LG is making one that works for my current phone? ill get that instead."

Cant we all just get along? lol. If you like round face watches get one of those, if you like square face get one of those. No need to push your opinion on why one is better before even trying anything! Choice is good. What you choose is best for you, may not be best for me. Geez...

Am I the only one turned off by how tall the 360 is? Sure it's round, and pretty when looking at it from the top, but I think the side profile is quite ridiculous looking, especially for people with smallish arms like me.

How about a poll for the best fictional (smart/radio)watch?
-Dick Tracy
-Inspector Gadget
-Knight Rider
-Star Trek
-Power Rangers
-James Bond
...and probably a bunch more that I missed/forgot