Galaxy S4

The promotion lasts Sunday 7/28 through Thursday 8/1, includes waived activation fee

Those looking to make the switch over to Sprint have a chance to land a nice deal on one of the hottest phones of the season. Amazon will be offering the Samsung Galaxy S4 to new Sprint customers for $99.99, down from the current price of $139.99. To sweeten the pot even more, they will even waive the $36 activation fee.

The deal starts this Sunday, 7/28, and will continue through Thursday, 8/1. The Galaxy S4 comes with 16GB of internal storage (with less than you'd expect available to the user, but there's an update for that) and is being offered in both the white and black varieties.

For those still undecided if this is the phone to get when switching to Sprint, get out the full Samsung Galaxy S4 review.

Galaxy S4 (white); Galaxy S4 (black)

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terrell88 says:

The real question is who would want the gs4 on sprints embarrassing network

A895 says:

No matter how much people bash sprint, a lot of people like their network and use them. It also has more coverage than T-Mobile.

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Deke218 says:

That's like saying a stage coach is better than a 2013 Acadia Denali because its bigger. S4 Yes. Sprint Hells to the no.

buffdaddy72 says:

Oh geez, here we go with the Sprint bashing again. Look, if some of you mouth breathers don't like Sprint, for whatever reason, then don't bother with the trollish postings.

SoCalBIGmike says:

I had TWO lines w/ them. Literally couldn't make/receive calls at home or work, dropped calls ALL the time, "4G" is like in pockets.

They are desperate. (L.A. /O.C.)

whaddupdoe says:

I have an S4 on Sprint and I have no complaints. Call service and 4G is great here in Indy!!!

Amir47 says:

How about upgrade price?

hallda01 says:

Just left sprint. They're not bad where the lte is solid. My brother gets amazing service at my parents house, and with unlimited data that's pretty much where he goes to download anything big.

quailallstar says:

My wife has Sprint and I have Tmo. We live in DC and my speeds are quicker than hers, but sometimes reception can be spotty for both of us at times; this is Verizon fanboy land :/

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sprint4lyfe says:

I paid $249.99 + $36 upgrade fee. 6 years on Sprint now. $50.00 / month SERO plan. LTE all around me. Use 15gb a month.

hodan says:

Regular people can't get that deal, but nice try acting like they can.

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terrell88 says:

In markets where LTE is its good but the majority of America is dealing with sprints crap 3g network and 4g LTE rollout is the slowest of all carriers and they started first lol. I personally can't wait to leave them when my contract is up. Problem is my contract is up in May 2014 and by then there network would be much better so I might stay

droidhead_1 says:

I'm in an LTE market and T-Mobile H+ is still much faster. LTE is in pockets, so I'm in 3g 30% of the time a still crappy. Nov, when my contract is up I'm gone.

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iceblade997 says:

Started first? They started first with 4G (WiMAX) but not LTE - that was Verizon...

cowboys2000 says:

True...beat me to it.

Wimax started with so much promise. Building penetration was horrid!

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droidhead_1 says:

Wimaxx is just as fast as LTE here and just as spotty.

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eli783 says:

actually MetroPCS was the first US carrier to have LTE...

Sammyc53 says:

Sprint has a buy one get one free right now too on the S4 (New line or upgrades). Just did it and it came to $206.
(At least for Business Accounts). I don't have a consumer login... so I don't know.

terrell88 says:

I said they started the 4G race never said what kind of 4G point is they pride themselves on being first with 4G and is now last. They jumped the gun and is way to optimistic and full of empty promises. Wimax promise FAILED, Agressive LTE rollout promise FAILED, HD voice on the EVO LTE and more phones FAILED, they claimed a year ago that they was going to start LTE advanced before the end of 2013 FAILED more than likely, claimed they would cover 250 pops before the end of 2013 and now they say only 200 million pops FAILED, Sept last year they said they had a list of 100 cities coming with 4G LTE in the coming months and fast toward to today only 1/3 of that list is done almost one year later FAILED. They said the Galaxy Nexus would get on time updates FAILED. They made me not trust them but now that Softbank has control maybe there a light at the end of all this FAILURE going on at Sprint

dharmik28 says:

Huh sprint

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BobR1908 says:

Wow lol, people appear to be as passionate about their carrier as they are their phones lol.

I often read about people standing up for their phone model versus others but didn't expect to see people being equally as passionate for their carriers lol.

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Hello can i buy this magnificent galaxy s4 and then use this only in Perú? i mean this promo is just with a plan? thank you

pd: my english is really bad, sorry for that.

Ben Deegan says:

Depends on where you live... in most of Northern California, my service is WAY better than Verizon or ATT. Around Folsom I get 16 Mbps down (4G) and 150 KB/S (3G). I have signal around Tahoe where most others have no service - tho I do understand its not great everywhere.