Album art live wallpaper

Once again the developers at AndroidGamer have an awesome new Live Wallpaper to share with us.  You might remember their last jewel, Advanced Map Live Wallpaper, from when we had a look at it last month.  Well, Album Art live wallpaper is just as original!  The application scans your music, and pulls out the album art to create a collage of sorts as your wallpaper.  It's chock full of settings, and according to the developers the features include:

  • Variable cover size
  • Shuffle
  • Automatic refresh
  • Battery friendly
  • Smooth scrolling
  • LauncherPro support

We've been using it for a bit now and are having a tad of trouble getting it to recognize our collection of Hungarian folk tunes, so your mileage may vary.

You can get Album Art live wallpaper  on the Android Market for 99 cents, or there's a demo version for free! (Live wallpapers only work with Android 2.1 and higher!)

Like ton's of other apps, this one comes from the minds and hearts of the guys over at Xda-Developers, and you can check out the official support thread HERE.  Links and more pics after the break.  Thanks David!

album art live wallpaper -- homescreen  Album art live wallpaper -- settings

Album Art live wallpaper -- about

Full version

Full version QR code

[Market link | too new for AppBrain!]

Demo version

Demo version QR

[Market link | too new for AppBrain!]



Reader comments

Album art live wallpaper shows how bad your musical taste is


I did a manual search as well on my Droid and nothing. I commented on the xda-developers site and let them know as much. Hopefully I can try it soon, it does look very cool.

Mp3tag is a free software solution with the option to donate to the developer. You will have to find the cover art yourself. It worked great for me but MixZing sounds like a great app too.

I would love to buy it, but it is in English pounds. My credit card on file only accepts USD on the market.

Well this looks great and all but I can't pull up the app from the market using the links or by searching. Using 2.1 Droid.