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Want the stock Gingerbread keyboard with a little extra oomph in the text prediction? Check out the A.I.type keyboard. It's currently in beta but is pretty darn stable. The gist is this: You get the stock Gingerbread keyboard with some pretty good text prediction. It claims to be able to save you 75 percent of keystrokes (or taps, we gather). Don't think we'd go quite that far, but the prediction is rather accurate, and we'd expect it to get better in future releases. Also, text prediction requires a data connection. So if you're in BFE, you might be SOL.

A.I.type currently supports multiple languages, voice recognition, keyboard themes. It's free in the current beta, and we've got promo video and download links after the break. [A.I.type]

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A.I.type keyboard looks like Gingerbread, predicts like a psychic


I'm trying it out. But it's bold to make that claim with SwiftKey on the Market. But, as it's in beta, we'll see.
My dream keyboard would be the Gingerbread U.I. with SwiftKey's predictability.

I couldn't agree more. Swiftkey has great prediction but the keyboard itself is a total mess. Pressing and holding keys on swiftkey doesn't work as it should and forces too many taps and causes mistakes. Typing an emoticon can be a nightmare. To top it off swift key is ugly as sin and the devs don't do a thing about it no matter how many people ask them. Heck, just let the public skin it for goodness sakes.

I've been using the gingerbread keyboard for a while now instead of swift key. I'm gonna try this A.I. board out. Might be just what is needed.

Swiftkey's Long press is user adjustable. It works fine for me.
All the smilies an adult would need are on individual keys, along with arrow keys.

Adjust your haptic down to the minimum duration, lower the long press duration, turn off auto-accept, turn off click sounds, and Swiftkey is a perfectly suitable keyboard.

Its not beautiful.

Would have to use it for awhile to see, as SwiftKey gets more accurate the more you use it. So far it's a little clunkier than SwiftKey.

Not only that, but Swiftkey works even in airplane mode. A.I. requires a data connection, which means every thing you type has to be sent somewhere and come back again. That is totally crazy.

Is there a way to make the keys bigger like in the pic posted above? im trying it right now but my keys are so small i can hardley press them...(motorola atrix)

I'm playing with it now on my Galaxy Tab. The keys are really small, which may be because they haven't refined it for the bigger screen yet. But overall, it`s nice. I really like the word prediction. I also like that you can ditch the voice input button.

ya being in beta im sure thats why my keys are soooo small,i think i will leave it for now and come back after an update, there is no way i can type on this i dont have the hands of a new born baby lol, but looking foward to it when i can get oit working!

I'll give it some time, maybe it will grow on me, but so far I don't care for it much. The predictions take far too long to pop up. I find it is quicker just to type the entire sentence & even that is laggy. I also hate that common symbols aren't easily accessible like they are on Swiftkey. Keys are too small, even in landscape orientation on a Droid X. About the only thing I like so far is the Gingerbread theme actually.

Like the previous poster said, it takes way too long for the suggestions to pop up. I definitely like the look of the keyboard better than SwiftKey though. It is faster to type the entire word instead of waiting for the suggestion. SwiftKey for now.

Thank you guys for installing A.I.type and for your feedback.
We have a strange problem with the keyboard size in several devices, and we are working around the clock to solve it.
We will release an update with this bug fix as soon as possible.
We welcome you to upgrade the version , when it'll be released.

Feedback is always appreciated.
Tx again ,

A.I. Type

Hi, I just purchased the AI KEYBOARD. Can you help me with something? I don't know how to get the symbols and emotions. I think I need to download them or something. Can you direct me? Cause, all I have is the basic one that only is a semi colon thingy. Help. THANKS. rocky

Yeah, sticking with Swiftkey. The predictions on it make it the fastest I've used yet. I haven't really seen a 'good looking' keyboard out there and since I am not a 16 year old girl, no need to worry about putting in smileys.

Anyone else not comfortable with it being able to send out your keystrokes for passwords? Maybe I'm just too paranoid...

You are. All 3rd party keyboards I have used give that warning. Especially ones with predictive text. They don't send your account number out anywhere. It resides on the phone to suggest it next time you start typing in the number. No one else would see it unless they are using your phone. They do provide the warning though because if your phone were stolen they could see it if they are typing and it given as a suggestion.

Don't worry. You aren't missing much right now. It is unbearably laggy due to the predictions not being on the phone & needing a data connection.

Isn't that a Thunderbolt in the picture? I just downloaded the link and it wont open and install on my phone. It says my device isnt supported and I have a Thunderbolt. Am I doing something wrong?

How do we know this app won't take our passwords or other information...it has access to the internet as we type. In other words, how can we know if this is safe?

I had a HTC TytnII and the keyboard (or SMS program) on that would suggest the next word (or even phrase) based on previously commonly typed phrases. That was awesome!! Anyone seen anything like that??

Hi All,
We've released yesterday version 0.5.25 of our GingerBread based Keyboard.
This is far more stable version.
However some devices has the keyboard still appears squashed (tiny keypad). If any of you guys has Motorola Xoom, HTC Desire HD, Motorola Atrix 4g, Droid 2 or any other device that it appears squashed ,please write to us at support@aitype.com
Tx all for your patience and understanding, and we promise you to get to you a better and updated version soon.
Stick with us, and if you like our keyboard , you are welcome to leave appropriate comment on the market.
(i.e we have a similar version running on a PC. Try it now for FREE)

A.I.type Team