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Adobe has taken their excellent Photoshop Touch application for tablets, and shrunk things down to fit on the smaller screen. Available as a separate download -- with it's own $4.99 price tag -- The app offers the same great features the tablet edition does, which are essentially the core features of the desktop version. The app includes the ability to work with layers, filters, and brushes all bundled into an intuitive, gesture-based interface. In addition, the application is integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud, giving users 2GB of free storage to sync projects between the tablet app, the phone app, and the desktop. 

I use the tablet version of Photoshop Touch frequently, transferring images taken with my phone to Dropbox, then importing them into my tablet. The app is really well done, and takes mobile image editing to the next level. I'm not sure how well this will translate to my phone -- I'm currently using the Nexus 4 -- but folks with a Note 2 or even the original Note have another great use for the S Pen. You can find Adobe's press release after the break, and the download link from Google Play above.

Adobe Brings the Power of Photoshop to Mobile Phones

Bran​d New App Adobe Photoshop Touch for Phone Optimized for iPhone and Android Devices

SAN JOSE, CALIF. — Feb. 27, 2013— Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the immediate availability of a new version of Adobe® Photoshop® Touch, optimized for iPhone, iPod touch, and Android smart phones. Inspired by the highly successful Photoshop Touch for tablets, the phone app brings core features of Photoshop desktop software to mobile devices and offers similar intuitive, touch-based gestures and features.

“Mobile phones are increasingly becoming the primary tool for people to take and edit photos," said Winston Hendrickson, vice president products, Creative Media Solutions, Adobe. “Adobe is dedicated to serving our customers’ evolving creative workflow and we heard, loud and clear, that Photoshop fans wanted some core Adobe imaging magic on their smartphones.”

Adobe Photoshop Touch for phone offers powerful new capabilities for smartphone users:

  • Enhance images using popular Photoshop features such as layers, selection tools, filters, tonal and color adjustments
  • Apply effects and add graphical text for endless creative possibilities
  • Edit images as large as 12 megapixels with layers
  • Combine images together quickly using the Scribble Selection feature, and easily refine your selection with the Refine Edge tool
  • Automatically sync images to Adobe Creative Cloud™ with free 2GB of storage

"Photoshop Touch is a great way to work on an image on my mobile phone. The 400 percent touch zoom and organized interface in Photoshop Touch for phone made enhancing my images fun and easy,” said Brian Yap, creative director, Boxing Clever. “Working with curve adjustments and filters that use slider controls is especially intuitive."

“Adobe Photoshop Touch for phone offers great depth and value with layering and blending features,” said Richard Gray, mobile photographer, educator and blogger, “I’ll be using Photoshop Touch for phone in class with my students this year as we look at the more artistic end of the creative process with dreamscapes and surreal images.”

“The depth of selection tool options offered in Adobe Photoshop Touch for phone is unique to the photo compositing app market,” said Dan Marcolina, Marcolina Design & MarcolinaSlate LLC, author of iPhone Obsessed. “Now I, and other iPhonegraphers, can do even more exacting edge editing on the device where the image originated—our mobile phones.”

Adobe Create Cloud Workflow Integration

Photoshop Touch for phone is integrated with Adobe Creative Cloud* and includes access to 2GB of Creative Cloud storage with a free account. Users can sync photos and projects to Creative Cloud, and then continue working with the files from a tablet** or Photoshop*** desktop software. Creative Cloud is a radical rethinking of the entire creative process and an industry-defining shift in creative expression and inspiration, where members can explore, create, publish and share their work across devices, the desktop and the Web. Visit Adobe Creative Cloud for more information.

Pricing and Availability

Adobe Photoshop Touch for phone is immediately available in the Apple App Store and Google Play for US$4.99. For iOS devices, the app requires iOS 5, iPhone 4S and iPod touch 5th generation; Android phones must run Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or later.

For additional information, please visit: Customers may submit feedback and ask questions on the community powered feedback site: Users may also connect with the Photoshop Touch Team directly on Facebook, via Twitter or on the blog.


Reader comments

Adobe Photoshop Touch: No longer just for tablets


Well... I have the tablet version, but how they gonna release something like this and not even make it available for a beast of a phone like the DNA.... DNA and I are very sad at the moment.

I find it sad that PS Touch doesn't support RAW files. I import from raw onto my N7 and would love to be able to look at them in PS touch. Alas......

Having the ability to open RAW files on the N7 in photoshop touch would be awesome, but I don't see it happening anytime soon. The specialized settings you can adjust when opening a RAW file in Photoshop (for computer) are absolutely amazing, but I couldn't see a tablet/phone handling them well.

I don't even really need every setting, I just wnat to be able to open them, maybe do a quick edit, and then export to jpg or something so I can upload my NEX-5N picture to twitter/FB or something. I'm not going to do all of my heavy editing on my tablet anyway.

I've found a solution for at least looking at raw files on the tablet, but I really wish Touch had it :(

But if you you could do heavy editing on your tablet that would be sweet!
Personally I have come accustomed to the touch screen for menus and adjusting bars (like contrast/saturation/color balance) but for actual photo editing I would need a mouse of stylus. Thats why in this case I would like it all or nothing. But until then I will leave my phone and tablet for quick photo edits and sketches and the heavy lifting for my Mac.

Agreed. And doubly frustrating that Snapseed has RAW support in iPad's but not Android tablets. I hope it's coming in Photoshop and Snapseed soon...

I like snapseed for fun little mobile edits, but I could never see using it for professional type editing that I would be using RAW files for.

Darn I was excited about this then I saw it is a separate app from the tablet version. I think if I had the Note/2 I'd spring for it but for now I'll just stick to my tablet version. It is a good app though on the tablet.

I paid good money for the tablet app, which I was hoping would be compatible with the Note2, it is not. They should offer people some type of discount if they purchased the tablet app before the release of the phone version. Nonetheless I will probably spring the $5.

I agree. There's sooooo many devices that blur the lines between tablet & phone - I'm really not a big fan of having separate versions of each.

Yeah yeah I understand installation size and what-not to make sure that you don't have high-res graphics taking up space on your HTC Hero, but I have no idea if Google Play supports different "Additional File" downloads for different devices. That would be a nice solution if it did: install the core of the app from the Play Store, then download the "Additional File" for your device afterwards.

Separate purchases for phone and tablet? How very iOS of them...

That immediately makes me sceptical that this isn't very well programmed/designed (from the screenshots it sure looks like an iOS port).

Not sure what to think about this. It's great that I can put it on my phone now, not sure if I really need it on my phone, the tablet version is good enough.

Additionally, I don't know if I want to give Adobe more of my money for touch apps. I was more than ready to give buy Proto, but they canned all the other Touch apps before I could because of [insert random bullshit reason here]. I've been resorted to using a cracked copy of Proto with no Cloud support, which makes it only partially useful.

Adobe has not handled their attempts at mobile applications very well at all.