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Android developer Chris Lacy has updated his great home replacement app Action Launcher, and brings a promise of a much more stable and enjoyable experience. In version 1.9 of the app, the base launcher code has been updated to the Android 4.3 launcher base. this will make Action Launcher faster, use less resources, not suffer from any redraw issues and be "smoother and more responsive than any other release to date."

The changes aren't all under the hood though. Two highly requested features have been baked in — the ability to hide the status bar, and the ability to change your "desktop" icons on an individual basis. In addition, users with a Galaxy S4 can now enable a transparent status bar.

These new features, combined with covers, shutters and the quickdrawer make Action Launcher worth having a look at in our opinion. You can grab the full version from the link above for $3.99, and read the full release notes here.

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dtraini30 says:

Psst.. it is Chris Lacy :)

zenitram_27 says:

Happy to hear. Maybe this will give AC the staying power I've been hoping for

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Droid Brick says:

I love this launcher. It is one of the first apps I always install on a new device.

PZR18 says:

They need to add transparent statusbar & navigation bar for all devices not just the S4

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ReggieTee says:

The phone software has to support it is what I was told.

Unfortunately the S4 is the only device I'm aware of where I can enable a transparent status bar without root. Android simply does not support this functionality.

a3uge says:

I love the idea of this launcher, but the thing that it lacked was the ability to change icon themes like Nova could(I use Minimal UI icon theme). It appears now that this works?

Icon pack implementation has been there for a good while now. This release added the ability to change an app's icon on an individual basis.

a3uge says:

Maybe the first time I tried it I assumed icon packs didn't work because you couldn't change them on an individual basis. I re-bought the app now after refunding it the first time.

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mao mao says:

You can install icon packs.
Love the launcher. Super fast and clean.

deibed says:

I've tried to like this launcher, but to me it lacks alot of the features of Nova and Apex..I can't do gestures with it and that's one of the main things I use on the other two..I'm glad I at least was able to support the developer by buying the thing but I hope it gets should now that Chris has dedicated his time to his development

ReggieTee says:

it does have a few gestures.

itmccb says:

The iconography for the app drawer makes absolutely no sense.

Love this launcher after using nova for a long time. Glad to see it continuing to get love!

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br3ndo702 says:

Love the launcher. I switch back and forth between action launcher and sense 5. Yeah sense 5 is that good.... I love it.

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graze81 says:

Love this launcher! I've spend the morning looking at icon packs on the Play Store. Terrific update =D

XavierMatt says:

Not into this launcher at all. It's not a smooth as Nova and it stutters like nobodies business.

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