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AC on the Road: A couple days with GM, Chevy MyLink and a wealth of Android potential


Very cool article guys! We're planning to trade the wife's car for a light SUV once both of ours are paid off (2yrs). The wife really likes the Chevy Equinox, hopefully they have this in those by then. They seemed to really get the UI part right, nice and simple.

Excellent write up and this is great news considering we are a GM family. (09 Malibu, 02 Yukon, 05 Sierra and 10 Silverado + boat with GM Block, heh) This will be great when we are ready to get rid of the 02 Yukon, when we finally have some damn problems with it, as it seems the technology has progressed quite a bit. Nice that it is Android backed and not iOS since they always seem to get everything first.

What is this going to do with XM though? When I bought my silverado last year it came with 6 months of free XM radio. If they allow Pandora to play flawlessly, what is XM going to do?

Some people enjoy the talk radio stuff on xm so I feel like xm will still be relevant in some way but I definitely agree with you. Why pay for xm when I can have my custom stations on pandora for free?

I love myonstar app I can track my 2010 Avalanche I can remote start it while it sits in nc and I'm in la or unlock the doors or lock it is so cool can't wait for maps I can do it on my laptop but not my phone

Good to see Government Motors finally catch up to Ford in this area. Still, I'll pass. I love Sync and have no desire to trade in my Fusion for any Chevy product.

you can use bluetooth streaming audio now in any car that supports it and control any pandora and google music through your car now.

Doesn't matter what they come out with, this former diehard GM enthusiasts will never buy another car from Government Motors

Its good to see that Chevy is stepping up against Ford's MyFordTouch (aka Ford SYNC) , which can do the same (you can see it in Fringe , they are always showing off Ford SYNC)

Now , they need to step up their build quality , Ford is better in that department

by the way
Google Maps is already in use in the AutoMotive industry
The New (or refreshed) Bentley Continental GT is already using Google Maps as their Navigation system

Never thought I'd live to see the day where Android Central visits my town. I haven't been this excited since they almost found Jimmy Hoffa under one of the barns out here.

Not only my hometown area, but worked there starting in 1973 programming Intel 4004 & 8008 microcontrollers. We had to call them that or the main computer center would take control. First 4004 4-bit computer chip cost $320 and used 1702 UV eraseable 256 by 8 bit memory chips. Eventually moved to Motorola 6800.

Very cool. However I do have a question. I have a Prius and I will be blunt. I'm not happy with the amount of crap they lock out while the car is moving. It's obvious the lawyers got their way when it came time to determine what is user accessible while rolling. Its gotten to the point where I've had to play games to get slow enough to actually enter destination info, or make changes to car settings. I use to pull over, until I found out that at least in MN its illegal to pull over if you don't have an emergency. So says the state trooper that pulled up behind me a few years back when I was pulled over entering a destination. (And before someone gives me crap I do Lexmark/Dell/Acer/Asus warranty work. I can be told to go to X by dispatch at any time.)

So the question I have is if you guys got a chance to drive this, how much is locked out? It will play heavily in my next car purchase.

I have a 2013 Camaro and a Galaxy S4 and can not for the life me get the Pandora working. it just refuses to see it. It worked get on my old Iphone but I cant stand apple products.... help...