Before you go getting all excited about seeing that 9,300 applications were added to the Android Market last month, know this: There'es a lot of fluff in there. It is always great to see that you are able to customize applications by adding skins, but should we really count each of the dozens and dozens of skins as an application in the market? Does anyone really need that many adult-style applications? And beyond that, do we need to continue and add another application, instead of adding content to the original?

In mid-March we reported that the Market had hit 30,000 applications, and the numbers will  rise and rise. While, yes, we are indeed seeing some quality applications being added to the Market (See our weekly AndroidCentral Editor Picks of the Week for examples) we can all agree that playing the numbers game is, at best, a game. Let's go for quality over quantity. [via Electronista]


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Android Market gained 9,300 'apps' in March (but how many are good?)


Yeah, there is a ton of fluff in the market, but there are certainly some quality apps available too. I noticed a lot of my apps had some good quality updates after Droid went to 2.1.

Yeah..... when do us android folks get an app from Epicurious? Would really like one developed.

This is so stupid do people think that every app in the market r great r all the apps on iPhone r great I think not come on people in the words of. The Joker"WHY SO SERIES_

I always find it a little bit disingenious when writers talk about Android in slightly negative terms. Are you guys that much in love with Apple? Sure, not all the apps will be great (I think most people with a brain know that much) - but the same is true for other app stores in other mobile ecosystems. If you're gonna ignore the crap apps in the Apple apps store, then its only fair to do the same for other non-Apple app stores when making comparisons. The good news is that more apps means more developers which can only be a good thing for Android. Let's focus on the positive please.

Lets just get a better market, Apps need to be better sorted and we need a true PC interface with the market. AppBrain is pretty effective though. I'd just like an integrated Google version. They could make it a Cloud interface just like all other Google tools.

When you break down that most people need at most, 20 apps-

10,000 to choose from is a ridiculously large number.

Androids app space is nothing but a resounding success in my book.

Wait til you see what it looks like in a year's time.


not everyone wants the same apps. thats why a bigger market is always going to be better.

a 14 year old teeny boppin high school moron is going to be a much different consumer than a 40 year old corporate slave

All mobile ecosystems have crap apps (iphone, android, BB, ect...) but the problem with the Market is that it needs to be sorted better, have more organization and an easier way to buy apps... if that gets fix + a desktop app manager (like itunes for the iphone) thna more developers will jump to android because it will be more profitable for them!