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First came the 5 inch Nubia Z5, then the seemingly CES bound Grand S, and it seems ZTE isn't done there. These leaked images have surfaced courtesy of the folks at @evleaks of an even larger device from the Chinese OEM bound for its native China. 

Known so far only by its codename, P945, this 5.7 inch device is approaching the supersized -- and as yet, unofficial -- Huawei Ascend Mate. While the screen is larger than the Nubia Z5 and the Grand S by over half an inch, the other purported specs place this one firmly below the other two. The screen isn't 1080p as you might expect, instead the P945 has 'only' a 720p display. 

Inside is supposed to be a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, an 8MP rear camera and the whole package has a thickness of sub-9mm. Software is said to be "ICS or above" which at this point we'd say is a given. Powering that massive screen will take some battery power, and the device is said to contain a 3000mAh battery. It's supposed to be hitting China Mobile sometime in late Q1 or early Q2, with no hint at any availability beyond this. Seems the screen size wars are well and truly on.

Source: @evleaks (Unwired View)

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Bruh-Man says:

Don't show me another phone until it's big enough that I can strap it to my back, put wheels on it and ride it like a skate board.

dplane says:

Your comment is pure win Δ

LadyDi says:

OMGosh that is hahlarious.

On the serious, how much bigger are these PHONES going to get? I have a 7 inch tablet now. Just add cell service and I'm ahead of the game.


+9000 I'm not against choice, but I agree that at some point, there has to be a limit. I was playing around with the Note 2, and it is BIG. I wonder how big the Note 3 is going to be. What about next year? If the Note 3 is as big as 6.3 inches (which some sites are reporting), how big will the Note 4 be??? If 5 inch screens become the norm this year, what will be the norm next year?


+9000 haha that is hilarious

zachavm says:

The more devices we can get in this phablet form factor the better IMHO. I'm really hoping that next year they'll expand the nexus line to include multiple nexus phones. I would love to see 4.5-5.0 incher and a 5.5-6.0 incher with the smaller being the flagship.

One more thing. Unless you've had a chance to REALLY use it, don't bash the phablet. Every reviewer of the Note 2 who started out saying they couldn't see themselves using said they loved it by the end.


+9000 The Note 2 and similar phones do have a place in the market now.

aledelcastle says:

+9000 on the +9000 comments ♡ it.


+9000 lol

What the hell is +9000??? What does it mean???