A giant in Skyrim holding a Samsung Galaxy Note and a club/stylus

I'm 6 feet, 8 inches tall. For our metric friends, that's 203 centimeters. I have, on more than one occasion, been called the tallest blogger in the world. (And may well be.) I can palm a basketball without any trouble. I cheer on the giants in Skyrim when they punt my lackey into orbit. Sometimes I imagine them doing cute little drawings on the Samsung Galaxy Note, mapping out the constellations the poor soul will be visiting shortly. The fact is, when someone first sees a 5-inch smartphone, be it the ill-fated Dell Streak or Samsung's latest stylus-toting follow-up, most folks think only an unnaturally gigantic person could use the thing to make a call. Well, they're wrong; even for us Gigantors, it's pretty unwieldy. 

I have to say, my time with the Samsung Galaxy Note has definitely helped me appreciate what you little people are going through with ballooning screen sizes. 4-inch displays are now the norm among Android hardware, and make the 3.5-inch screen on the iPhone 4S, sharp as it may be, feel extremely cramped. While 4 inches is perfectly fine for me, cranking it up to 5 makes me realize just how unrealistic it is to use a bigger phone one-handed.  Those larger screens also mean tighter pockets, awkward grips when making a call, and can be a significant drain on the power supply, even if the battery gets an equivalent up-size.

Despite being obscenely huge, even for a behemoth like me, I found myself enamored with the idea of 5-inch smart devices when the Dell Streak first came out. In the world of smartphones, that size is an abomination, but when you look at the Samsung Galaxy Note and any other 5-inch devices next to tablets, the picture changes significantly. The thing is, with a phone this big, it eliminates a lot of the desire to shell out cash for a 7-inch tablet. In fact, if you value portability way ahead of viewing area, then you wouldn't have any use for a 10-inch tablet either. The Samsung Galaxy Note compared to the iPhone 4 and BlackBerry PlayBook

The way I see it, there are a few logical mobile device combinations. If you put viewing area first, you'll probably own a 4-inch smartphone and a 10-inch tablet. If you lean towards portability, then a smartphone under 4 inches and a 7-inch tablet might be more your speed. If you want to have the widest range of scenarios covered, you may prefer a 3.5-inch phone and a 10-inch tablet. The 5-inch device fits into that last scenario, but instead of having a device at either end of the size spectrum, you've got just one dab smack in the middle of it. It might not serve you as well as a tablet, but at least you'll have it wherever you go, and you won't have to pay for a second device. If you wanted to go hog-wild on screen real estate, you could rock something like the Samsung Galaxy Note as well as a 10-inch tablet. 

As far as making calls goes, yeah, you feel a little dumb putting something the size of a roof shingle to your face, but the vast majority of my smartphone usage is for data. That being said, I find the landscape virtual keyboard on the Samsung Galaxy Note is the perfect size for my enormous mitts. God knows I won't be using the stylus for text input

I would suggest 5-inch devices to people who are 90 percent sure that they don't want to spend the money on a proper tablet or deal with the hassle of hauling around a second device. I don't think it's that crazy to think that there are a lot of people in that situation. How many of you would rather pare things down to one phone if it meant making some compromises in other departments? Is 5 inches too cumbersome for the payoff of being sorta-kinda close to a tablet? Fellow giants, does an equally giant phone appeal to you?


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5-inch devices - a great half-way to tablets, or a phone only a giant could love?


Darn now I am going to have to buy all new jeans with pocket openings big enough for my pho...I mean tabl...I mean mid-range device

Well, if you wear hipster pants, then yes. If you wear properly fitting pants (on the assumption that you are not under 5'3", then probably no). I'm 5'11", don't feel particularly tall, and 4" phones feel on the small side to me.

The Note isn't really that wide. What you need however is deeper pockets.

And as for category-wise, I think calling it a Note or Notepad would be better than tabphone or phoneblet, no?

You wont need new pants unless you wear spandex or skinny jeans. when I got my note one of the fist things I did was put it in my pocket (front and rear) and it slipped right in and with no bulge or discomfort.

I have a galaxy nexus. With that said, a part of me is envious of the galaxy note. I'm only 5'10" and there's something about the 5"+ screens that are enticing. however, I am happy with the nexus.

In 2007, 3.5" seemed big.
In 2008, 3.7" seemed big.
In 2009, 4.0" seemed big.
In 2010, 4.3" seemed big.
In 2011, 4.7" seemed big.
2012 is the year of 5".

Next year, Edge-to-Edge displays will allow a 5.2" display in a Samsung Galaxy S II size case.

Phones are like shoes. Get whatever fits you best.

Saying that there should be no 5" phones is like saying that there should be no size 11 shoes.

That makes no sense. You buy size 11 shoes because you have size 11 feet. You buy a 5" phone because you have 5" hands.........hmmmmmmm.

I agree that they can continue to make 5" phones if they want but the problem becomes that manufacturers are forgetting not everyone wants one. So in order to get a top of the line phone spec wise you are forced to buy a big phone. 4.5 is the top of my comfort zone for phones and honestly I prefer 4-4.3. Unfortunately if I don't want something with soon to be outdated hardware on Sprint I have to get a 4.5(GS2) or 4.65(Galaxy Nexus).

I disagree. I have the Galaxy Nexus too. And I find it just a tad too big. It's awkward to reach to the top to slide down the notification blind. I like the big screen for media consumption. But the current size of the phone is a bit cumbersome.

However, it's not just screen size. The top and bottom bezels of the GN are still huge. If those had been shrunk down, the GN would have been more ergonomic.

I'm just under 6ft and I got the galaxy note for the very reason you stated. I don't won't to lug around a tablet or pay for a phone and tablet data plan(I would want my tablet to be connected always). The note meats my desire of just having an all in one devices and really does more than a smartphone and tablet right out of the box.

I'm 6'5" so you have a few inches on me. I upgraded a couple of months ago. I looked at the Bionic. It seemed really huge to me and I did not like the size. I got a 4" screen. That was a good size for me. But I was also coming from BB and a 4 inch screen was a fairly large jump in real estate for me.

I guess its a matter of what you get use to. 6 months from now no one will think twice about a 5 inch screen.

Man I love the idea of this device. It's funny how much noise every tech reviewer was making about how big the Galaxy Nexus was. I've spent some time with that Nexus and was disappointed I was expecting something truly huge it wasn't.

I have to wonder if everyone's reaction to the size of this phone just just more hyperbole. "You'll look ridiculous talking into it.", "It's too big to use one handed".

I have to find out for myself what is too big.

I used the EVO 4G for over a year and still think it is just a touch too big and my hands are not small. I thought it was a little small in comparison to the EVO 4G, but the Nexus S 4G is a perfect fit now.

I wouldn't call it hyperbole. If it works for you, great. But for many, it would be very awkward carrying something of this size in their jeans pocket.

I remember when the HD2 came out, people would react exactly the same way as they do now with the note.... years later most of them are using 4.3"+ phones :)

I adore my note and cannot get back to a small phone. I never thought I'd say this, but my HD2 (and galaxy S) look punny after using my Note.

Like the old saying goes: bigger is better! I see a lot of small people with huge phones. People who buy phones they can't really handle with one hand, buy them precisely for the screen size. But they don't want to spend extra on tablets for the same exact reason. The way I see it, tablets in their current state, be it Android Tablets, iPads, or Playbooks, are still just expensive toys. If people want something useful they can work on, they'll just get a cheap laptop or just a netbook. They'll buy a tablet to watch videos and browse the web. However, these huge phones seem to fill people's video and web browsing needs just as well as tablets could. It's an all-in-one portable device. Me and a lot of other people, ones that I personally know at least, can't really justify buying a tablet for the same exact things you can do on your phone while paying a whole lot more for a tablet and sacrificing portability just for a bigger screen. I'm about 6,2, not a giant by any means, but my 4" Nexus S is too damn small! Giant phones for the win!

I'm 6ft 1 inch and have the Galaxy Nexus ,that size is as big of a phone as I wish to own.
I think I would pass on a 5" screen lol
That's getting kinda odd looking ,,,,holding it up to your ear to talk on I mean it is a suppose to be a phone.:)

I think Ironzey is right - you have to find out for yourself. When the Droid X came out I thought it was ridiculously large. When I upgraded from my OG Droid to a Bionic I intentionally ignored my preconceived ideas about size and forced myself to take the 14-day period to form my own opinion based on first-hand experience. Now I think the Bionic is fine, even with the Otterbox Defender.

Eventually some manufacturer will cross that invisible line and make a phone too big for most people. When that happens, sales will be sluggish to discourage future models of that size. A 5" screen may well be that size, but only time will tell.

That said, a bigger screen doesn't always equate to a bigger body size, and body size is what matters when you're trying to hold/use a device with one hand, or fit it into your packet, backpack, purse, or on a belt holster.

Don't you find the world is made for short people? countless low over-hanging beams, lights etc.?

I'm also pretty tall, and find that I do prefer my wife's Galaxy Nexus to my teeny Nexus S...

The Note may work for me as well... although my finders are relatively slim...

Purchased an imported Note via Amazon. Did use a Dell streak 5 for a year. I love the bigger screen devices. After watching videos, web browsing, and using my favorite 3rd party apps on the Note / Streak, I don't want to use a smaller phone. The 4 inch devices seems small, and the iPhone seems puny after using the Note. Everything is just so much better (for me) on the larger screen devices. No problem handling the Note, or Streak with one hand, it is quite slim for its screen size. I am 6'3", have long fingers.

When the DroidX The talk of such a"huge" device was deafening.
I mean a 3.5 screen is huge right ...lol so who could ever use a 4.3 screen . My how things and attitudes change.
Maybe the reason for the change is that the people that were happy with the 3.5 screens got older. hugh???

Unfortunately with age come wisdom or maybe to be more accurate , crappy eye sight.
So now bigger is better.

I now have the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and really like it,a lot.
My past experience with Samsung was less than stellar (Omnia 01 & 02 ).
I'm currently looking forward to hopfully Samsung's second version of the Galaxy Note or what ever the VZW version is next year. theirs always a second version ,right ?

My smartphones have came in this order.....Blackberry Pearl, Samsung Galaxy S, and now Inspire 4g. All were gigantic at first then after 6 months each feel too small. Its a shame you can't keep that same wow factor, your eyes must adjust quickly I suppose. I could see people being comfortable with phones up to 7" or 8".....as long as you can find a way to stuff it in a pocket people are gonna use it as a phone

Alright. Finally a tall blogger. Im 6 foot 9 inches tall my self and tip the scale at around 350 lbs. I hear "your a big dude" quite often.
Just a few months ago I got a galaxy tab 7 and was telling a few of my less tech savvy friends it was my new phone. I told them it was designed for big people.

I also have a galaxy S II Epic Touch and really enjoy the larger screen. If sprint ever gets the note ill definately check it out.

Nice write up fellow gigantor.

I am currently using a Dell Streak (yes there are a few of us) I chose it for two reasons 1) I only wanted a single device 2) I wanted somthing easy to browse the web, twitter etc.

I think the streak only died because Dell launched it then forgot about it, it's a great device & wish they had carried on with it.

I will be ordering my Note tomorrow as my poor streak is getting a bit long in tooth and the promise of ICS is the deal clencher.

p.s. I'm only 5 9 so far from a giant & I don't care what anyone says - if I'm happy with my phone thats all that matters.

Big fellas! I'm 6'7" and struggled with a small HTC Shift with Sprint after having a falling out with AT&T on what 'unlimited' meant forcing me to drop my HTC Inspire with a 4.3" screen. I tried to justify the tiny screen on the Shift by the qwerty keyboard as an added feature. Didn't work, I now have a Samsung Galaxy S II with a 4.3" screen and I doubt if I ever will go small again. Phone that is!

That's a stupid comment. Wheelchair basketball players look pretty good on the court too. Off the court, it's difficult for both a wheelchair bound person and a 6'8" person to live a normal life. The fact that you would even make a comment like that makes me think you've never even seen someone that tall in real life.

There is a real.simple solution for all of you that think it is too big. Don't buy it. Nobody cares if you think it is too big. Just because one doesn't like it does not mean that it that one is right. That is why there are little phones and there are big phones. Stop your whining and complaining. Free market economy dictates supply and demand. Obviously both are present. Good on Samsung for figuring this out.

That was one of the questions asked in the article, so clearly someone (the author) was calling for opinions on the matter...

i just checked out the G-Note at the AT&T Store. beautiful display, fast, incredibly thin, well built. awesome device. surfing the web is a dream on it. unfortunately, the size is just too big for me personally. even coming from an EVO 4G and loving big phones. i'm not embarrassed by the size, nor do i think fitting it in my pockets would be a big deal. BUT constantly trying to grab and hold it and manipulate and move it in and out of pockets and from table and charging etc. would be too much because it is just too wide and too unwieldy - i could see myself constantly dropping it. i love the phone though Samsung did a great job and congrats and enjoy to everyone who got/will get one. i'm going to go with the G-Nex.

I already own a Galaxy Tab 10.1 so for me the Galaxy Note is a little, well, redundant. Im finally getting a GS2 soonish (hopefully) and I think I will be pushing the screenestate far enough at that point.
By the way, I'm 6'3"

Large screen is an advantage for usability, but a drawback for portability. I have no problem talking on my Dell Streak, but I did have to change the screen once after bending with the phone in my back pocket.

The large phones are so good for browsing, gaming and video, that many people who have them postpone buying a tablet (I am still in this group too). This has been suggested to be a strong factor in the comparatively modest sales of Android tablets.

My inside jacket pocket needs a 7" phablet. Period.
What? You don't wear a jacket/suit... then buy what you like and enjoy the eyestrain. Different strokes in the Land of the Free.

Who holds a smartphone to their face anyway?

Me personally, I do way more data and texting than I do talking. And when I do talk, it's through my bluetooth headset.

This Note would be perfect for me if it had 3D.

As I watched this phone traveling around the world (and too slowly of course I might add) I just knew is was destine for my hands. So I bought a Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0 to begin my training. Remember when the first Galaxy Tab came to Europe? They got the 7" phone version. We here in the States later screamed. "Why not us!" "Damn Carriers!" Of course the talk also began then too of. "To Big to talk on." "Too big to hold to you head" "You would look silly talking to a tablet" But if your not too vain, to each their own I say.

I haven't held a phone to my head, in almost two years. I bought a stereo bluetooth headset (behind the head) when Facebook was in beta, and used it mostly for Skype then while working. It's either speaker phone, or bluetooth for me. About 80% of the time, I am on my 'phone' doing Smart things. This SG Player 5.0 quickly had me selling my 7", and laughing at my 4.3". It fit's in my shirt pocket very nicely thank you. I will keep my 10.1 for special occasions though. This Samsung Galaxy Note is the 'Top of the hill' I can't wait for a CDMA/LTE version of this to get in my hands (medium) Samsung can declare victory! I see all you little iPhone users down there, with your little light's a twinkling. :-)

No smartphone should be bigger than 4.3 inches. I swear I'm going to have to switch to an iPhone if Android keeps getting bigger. I have long piano fingers and find the 4inch screen on my Samsung Vibrant a perfect fit. I don't like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus because of the screen size and lack of metal materials.

No smartphone should be bigger than 4.3 inches. I swear I'm going to have to switch to an iPhone if Android keeps getting bigger. I have long piano fingers and find the 4inch screen on my Samsung Vibrant a perfect fit. I don't like the Samsung Galaxy Nexus because of the screen size and lack of metal materials.

When I first heard of the Galaxy Note I quickly made my prediction: Fail. No demand for such a size.
Though it seems it is selling well I still think it will eventually fail.

However, please note I am a huge Samsung fan who does not understand why they are not promoting better the 8.9 tablet size. I think it is the ideal size for a tablet.

I have not bought one yet for the simple reason that it has very limited memory and no 32Gb SD card.

And now I've learned that the only thing they seem to have in store is a 7" tablet which I considered too small. Wake up Samsung or those who thought we'd never buy an iPad may consider buying the iPad 3!!!

I just have gigantic hands I wish my inspire was 6 inches no typos with the key board hell my thumb is arleas 1 and a half the size of a key in land scape mode I put both of my hands thumb to thumb on a regualer comuper key board. Atleast 60% coverage yea I got gigantic hands I can conseal my whole phone with an otter box in my hand with an open palm. So other than the odvious battery drain I'm pro 6 inches woot

When the iPhone appeared in 2007 with no apps....and no internet surfing to speak of...3.5" screens and one handed texting made all
the sense in the world. Fast forward to 2012 and you are in the market for a smartphone...and all that a modern cutting edge smartphone can do....any phone with a screen size below 4" is useless. And to be perfectly honest, the minimum useful screen size is actually 4.3" Viewing videos. Surfing the web and reading all the great articles on Android Central (especially if your smart enough to have a late model Android phone that does page wrap). Texting...keyboard size does matter. Social...Facebook, Google+, twitter. Any kind of document creation. Apps of all descriptions.... They all benefit from larger screen size. In the passing of cyber time...one handed use of a smartphone is practically Neanderthal.

I am not saying a 5.3" phonetab is for every one. What I am saying, is for a lot a people the right size phonetab could eliminate a larger table (and the second data plan that goes along with it) and make the perfect combo with their Notebook/ultrabook/laptop.

Speak for yourself. I'm 5'11",about 240, but I have small hands(A small body overall, oddly enough). A large phone would be a dream to work with for me, but hell to handle. My first/current phone has a 3.7 inch screen and I find it fine.

Hey, don't cut yourself short Dude. Go for the big NOTE. I have read a hundred reviews of the Note. And large number of them are from people with small hands. And they all comment on how..with a few days use...they fall in love with this phone. And wouldn't go back to a smaller screen size.

I have a Galaxy Nexus. I like the size but I wish it was a little bit smaller. I loved the size of my ThunderBolt.

For me, 5.3" is too big for a phone and too small for a tablet, so I still need two devices for both.

My 4.3 inch Galaxy S2 and my 7 inch Archos70-250Mb tablet both have merit. What I have learned is accepting budget specifications limits the life and effectiveness of device. The S2 has been fantastic. The Archos70 is OK, but to be frank it needed 2.3 and more resolution.

I see the note as a quality tablet writ small, rather than a smartphone writ large. With that as a baseline, I prefer to wait for a 7-8 inch tablet (preferably with a stylus like the note) but light enough to carry with me 99% of the time.

The iphone screen size is a joke, 4.3" is much more usable, 5.3" is even better, but I can see how that might be cumbersome for girls or small people. Screen size will be one of the most important factors on my next phone. I'll be looking for a 5 inch screen and a quad core processor on my next phone.

This is getting crazy, a 5 inch phone? Really?
C'mon, you can't use it with one hand, you can't hold it comfortably and its screen size is not nearly as useful as a tablet, because you still have to zoom in to see some stuff like text on websites etc. Seriously, the Galaxy Nexus' screen is as big as a phone screen can get!

Soon they'll be making 15" phones and people will say: "it's still pocketable, just wear bigger jeans" or "I can totally use it with one hand, you have small hands". I'm sorry, but I think 5"+ phones are a joke.

5" is not that bad. What would be nice is a built in bluetooth earpiece or something that you pick up instead of the entire phone. Talk on speaker phone if you have to. The more screen the better, I say.

To those saying phones shouldn't be larger than 4.3", what?
Maybe too big for you, but isn't the choice of multiple sizes a good thing?
I have a Skyrocket (4.5") and the size is good. Fits in my pocket with plenty to spare.
Threatening to get an iPhone? Oh no, please don't! We'll do anything to keep you!


I just picked up the Galaxy Note today for the very reason you mention; I have a tablet, but I don't always want to carry it around, so the Note fits the bill perfectly. First impressions are great, I think it'll be a great choice.

As one reader mentioned above, I plan to use it with a bluetooth headset and with the handsfree kit in my car for phone calls. But as a gent in my mid-40's with aging eyes, I can tell you the large screen is delightful. Looking forward to putting it through its paces!

I'm 5'10 and my old lady is 5'1 (don't really see why this is relevant but okay) and we'd both love this much screen real estate. Wouldn't mind having a tablet with a 12 inch screen either.

I considered the Note until I got my hands on the GNex and realized that even 4.65 inches was a bit too much for my hands. My Rezound feels great at its 4.3". I think I could go just a bit larger, too - maybe 4.5" max.

Whats funny is ever since I could remember...I always made a bigger screen a reason for buying a phone before getting an Android phone. Its why I got the Moto E815, Samsung Omnia 1.

Have a Droid 1, Droid X1 and RAZR...I cant go back to anything under 4" for phones. My Droid 1 seems so small now...lol.

5" might be too much for a phone. 4.3" is at the max to me. Once you play games, web browse, watch movies on a bigger screen phone...its extremely hard to go back to a smaller screen for those same things.

Played with the Note today and loved it. Why pay for two data plans with a phone and tablet? Why drag two devices around? Why type email on a small screen? I would love to have a Nexus but this was sheer joy. Now Im just waiting for Verizon to catch up.

Know whats funny...I rarely use my phone one handed...lol

I use 2 hands cuz its more sturdy, stable. Even when my Droid 1 was my main phone...I rarely used it one handed.

I'm tempted to trade my gnex and touchpad for a galaxy note. Having hands large enough to palm a basketball gives one a new perspective on all things handheld.

I'm 6'1" and a tad bit bigger than average. I've had the Note since early December and before I had the Dell Streak. I've never had a problem carrying around either of them in my pockets. Now if I were one of them dude's who like wearing skinny jeans, I might have a problem. Bottom line is the bigger screen makes games, video, web browsing etc, a joy. To each his own but personally.... once I went big (dell streak) I couldn't go back!

Got mine today. I love it. My perspective is a little different because I've used a Galaxy Tab as my phone for the past 10 months. I keep catching myself using it with one hand. Because I'm so accustomed to holding a 7" device, I drift into one handed mode quite readily. I can't do everything with one hand but I can text/email with one hand. I never put phones against my face, so that is a non-issue for me. The resolution and size are good enough that you do not have to zoom in on Engadget to read the articles when viewed in landscape. What blew me away was that I don't even need to zoom in on magazines in Zinio when in portrait orientation. The Series 7 Slate pen works, so I am in heaven. I can't wait for a 10.1 or 11.6 Note with high PPI so my magazines can really pop and I can try to wean myself off of OneNote.

I'm 5'1" or what some in the metric-sphere have called a meter and a matchstick - and despite my dwarf-like size in comparison to the hulk that wrote this piece - I too would love a 5" screen. I wanted the Dell Streak when it came out too - and am actually quite pleased about the trend taking off with phones that have better specs.

The large majority of my "phone" usage is actually not for it's telephonic capabilities - what's more - whenever I get a call it's actually usually a nuisance. I'm all for abolishing the two device fiasco - who needs it? And making do with one hybrid device. Bring 'em on.

I BTW have a Galaxy S2 that has a pretty big screen - and I could do with more screen real estate.

Oh and I'm also a female.

I am 6ft 7in tall and I have pretty big hands as well. When the first wave of phones with 4.3 inch screens came, I was so happy that I would have a phone that compliments my size. I didn't think that I would want a phone bigger than that. When I heard about the Dell Streak, I was anxious to give it a try, but that phone seemed very awkward and way under powered. But that got me into wanting an even bigger phone than my DX. I now have the Samsung Galaxy S2 Hercules and I love the 4.52 inch screen. It feels perfect for me, I've had many people tell me that my phone is "freaking huge" ect.. And I just love hearing those comments. I am really willing to give the Galaxy Note a try. I feel like it would take a few days to get used to, but that I would love that big screen. And it really wouldn't too HUGE with me holding it. I love how with Android there is so much variety and you can choose what is best for you. Everybody has different needs and likes, and obviously not everyone likes the 5.3 inch screen and would never get a phone that big. But don't complain and say that its stupid and too big. Obviously its not for you, but there is a market for it. Unlike how Apple fails so much with their iPhone. There is no variety there whatsoever.

The problem I have with the explosion in screen sizes is that they aren't making as many 4 inch devices anymorem I think 4 inches was good for me. I am also kinda bummed that they aren't making a lot of phones with physical keyboards anymore. Size is good, but there needs to be some diversity still.

I use on average 6 minutes of talk a month but roughly 6-8gb of data. My cell phone is a phone in name only, it is a mobile computing platform I occasionally use for phone calls. This device is the most portable tablet I can think of and at that resolution I think it honestly can work in nearly every scenario I would use a 7 inch tablet for. Many considered the 4.3 inches of my Evo to be too much when I first got it and not a day goes by I did not wish for more real estate on it.

If this device comes to Sprint (LTE, Wimax or just plain 3g even) I WILL have it. Frankly I wish I understood the whole radio thing better as I am tempted to buy the international version but I don't even know if it would work on Sprint.

When I got my first Droid1 w 3.5" screen I thought the Large screen was great at double the size of my old Palm Treo. Now on a Droid4 w 4" screen, wish it had a 5" 6" or 7" screen. If the tablets would make phone calls I get one of them! I never put the phone yo my ear anyway, ever hear of bluetooth earphone or speaker phone button? I use those all the time. My second device is a 14" laptop, too heavy to always carry, but a tablet size phone would be great!

Came from a LG flip phone, to the incredible, to the rezound.
Amazing screen size changes, and what is considered normal.
Honestly, I really thought the rezound was too big to begin with, but I'm used to it now.

I'm not a giant like the blogger who wrote the piece, but I'd love to get my hands on the Galaxy Note. I'm a 5'6" female with hands on the smaller side, but I have really long fingers. Right now, I'm using a Bionic and the way I hold it when I'm using it one handed would allow me to reach a great majority of a 5 inch screen. I definitely think my next device will be one of these "phablets", if Motorola releases one on Verizon before I get bored of my Bionic and decide to switch.

5" is too much for me. Normally I wouldn't care, after all it's great to have choices. But the history of Android has been that the newest phones are the biggest ones and the smaller screens are left on entry to mid-range phones. I certanly hope that won't be the case here. I'd like to see top-level phones available in all sizes.

I think something in the 5-7" range is a good size. With aging eyes, the larger screen is a nice feature. I love my 10" tablet, but it is large to lug around everywhere. I got my wife a 7" tablet and it is a really nice size for carrying around. If they made a 7" tablet that did phone calls, I'd gladly carry that instead of my SGS and tablet.

I'm also one of those people who hates having my phone up to my face, even with the 4" screen (didn't like it when I carried a BlackBerry either). I'm always using a headset (bluetooth or wired), or speakerphone. I'm usually taking notes during phone calls, so having it up to my face doesn't work. So, a 5" or 7" device for phone calls won't make me look like someone carrying a '70s boombox around with me.

I am amazed people are still putting phones to their ears. I only use headphones now and given how bad my eyes are getting as I get older I can totally see using this device.

I'm amazed some people always carry around headphones. Especially those that wear them all day long. What a pain in the ear.

Different strokes for different folks. When I want to do real work I use a proper laptop with a real keyboard and mouse. I use a cell mostly for calls convenient to me, texting and personal things like reading or movies. I want to be able to carry it in a pocket NOT a 'European shoulder bag'. I only carry my laptop when I need it. Why would I want to carry a tablet that has diminished utility?
No. A 5" screen is the perfect complement to a laptop for me.
Notice I said FOR ME.
You do want you want.