3D graphics on Fennec

WebGL, HTML5, a Samsung Galaxy S, the Firefox browser for Android, and anagraphic glasses. What does it all mean? How about 3D graphics on your Android phone. Check it out, after the break. [TheHyperGates via @mozhacks]

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svtcobra1995 says:

Wow, I knew 3D was coming to phones sooner or later!

frankos72 says:

More toppings to go on my FroYo when I get it.

dougeetx says:

Does anyone just make calls anymore?

ima_unc_fan says:

What is this "make calls" you speak of? These r for games and pron I thought ... now 3D pron ...

Dperks17 says:

Task killer...tsk..tsk..tsh

cesarb says:

For real man why do u have a task killer??, and you're running froyo....

Drew Galyen says:

So I wonder what this can be used for, then?

*yawn*....oh man, I must've dozed off as homeboy was talking. Did anything actually happen by the end of this video?

jelly roll says:


and what the heck is that thing running on?

Um, folks, why does anybody think that's me in that video?

theglock says:

Seems like your day traffic isn't exactly the most intelligent people on the internet. Now they think its Jerry lol. Maybe you could use this to your advantage and sign a deal with NASCAR so you can run NASCAR ad's during the day.

Kyran says:

For the record, they are called "anaglyph" glasses.

SeeK says:

The term "3D graphics" has become so confusing ever since the whole glasses thing resurfaced. I seriously thought you were talking about z and polygons.

sniffs says:

That's not Phil.. sounds more like Hildenbrand.

Trun says:

3D is a lame gimmick that will die off soon enough. At least I hope, because I'm completely tired of it, like Apple products.

JohnnyACE562 says:

n00b question: What's so bad about a task killer?