3D graphics on Fennec

WebGL, HTML5, a Samsung Galaxy S, the Firefox browser for Android, and anagraphic glasses. What does it all mean? How about 3D graphics on your Android phone. Check it out, after the break. [TheHyperGates via @mozhacks]


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3D graphics on Android? Done, thanks to HTML5 and the Fennec browser


Seems like your day traffic isn't exactly the most intelligent people on the internet. Now they think its Jerry lol. Maybe you could use this to your advantage and sign a deal with NASCAR so you can run NASCAR ad's during the day.

The term "3D graphics" has become so confusing ever since the whole glasses thing resurfaced. I seriously thought you were talking about z and polygons.

3D is a lame gimmick that will die off soon enough. At least I hope, because I'm completely tired of it, like Apple products.