YouTube signs deal with two music labels ahead of new streaming service

YouTube Music
YouTube Music (Image credit: Android Central)

Following Google Play Music and YouTube Music, Google is expected to launch its third streaming service at some point in 2018. Referred to as "YouTube Remix," YouTube just signed two deals with major labels in the industry to help give the service as much of a fighting chance as possible.

According to Bloomberg, YouTube has signed deals with Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment. Part of the deal has to do with allowing YouTube to continue to host uploaded videos featuring songs by the labels, but there's also a clear intent of adding more content to the new streaming service.

Sony, Universal, and Warner are all on board for YouTube Remix.

For years now, YouTube's been at arms with music labels about whether or not it's paying enough money to copyright holders for users that listen to songs for free on the website. With the launch of YouTube Remix (or whatever it ends up being called), YouTube will likely make a strong push to convert regular YouTube users to paid Remix subscribers to help strengthen its relationship with these labels.

In addition to Universal and Sony, YouTube has also signed a deal with Warner Music Group.

We're anticipating YouTube Remix to launch at some point next year, but it's still unclear how much it'll cost or where it'll fit in with Google's other music services.

Google reported to launch its third music streaming service in 2018

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