YouTube Music is set to pick up Spotify's curated Daily Mixes

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What you need to know

  • Google is testing My Mix playlists, a selection of up to 7 curated personalised playlists, in YouTube Music.
  • It's similar in concept to Spotify's Daily Mix feature.
  • The test comes just weeks before Google is scheduled to kill off Google Play Music.

Google is set to kill off Google Play Music in just a matter of weeks, and the company continues to build up YouTube Music as a successor that better competes with rivals like Spotify and Apple Music.

A new feature spotted in testing by Android Police showcases a selection of playlists under the "Mixed for You" tab. There, users will see 7 playlists, each one built around a single genre or artist. So you may get one with sounds inspired by Bring Me the Horizon, and another one that's entirely BTS and BTS adjacent music.

Youtube Music My Mix

Source: Android Police (Image credit: Source: Android Police)

If it sounds familiar, its because Spotify already offers something similar with Daily Mixes.

Introducing the feature back in 2018, the company said:

Daily Mix was designed to provide familiar, comfortable music within each of the user's top listening modes. It's designed to be the shortest path to a good musical experience. It reflects how the user actually listens, rather than matching their favorite music against predefined genres. We use clustering technology to identify distinct subgroupings within our users' listening patterns, and then build recommendations around those, mixing in appropriate new suggestions along with the known favorites.

The main difference here seems to be that YouTube Music is literally one-upping Spotify by adding an extra playlist for a total of 7. Otherwise, it's the same concept. I haven't been able to try this on any of my devices, so it's obvious to be a server-side"troll-out". It's also a big enough feature that it's very likely Google will bring it to general availability. If it does, expect a biog post from the company in the next few months if not weeks.

Michael Allison