YouTube Music is going to start suggesting new songs for your playlists

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What you need to know

  • Google is testing a new YouTube Music recommendations feature.
  • The app will now automatically suggest music it thinks will suit your playlist based on whatever's already in there.
  • As with all tests, only a small group of users have access to it.

Google has begun testing a YouTube Music feature that would improve your playlist creation (spotted by 9to5Google). Leveraging the same AI smarts that lets it generate your customized mixtapes, it will now suggest songs you may want to add to your playlist based on the content that's already in there if a user chooses the "add to playlist" button at the bottom.

Youtube Music Playlists Suggestions

Source: 9to5Google (Image credit: Source: 9to5Google)

As per the report, it will offer as many as 7 songs in your suggestions list, with the option to refresh if you don't quite like what you've gotten.

For users not in the test, you'll see the usual search interface for finding new songs. It's not available to all devices at the moment (certainly not mine), but it's something that fits with Google's whole theme of offloading more and more cognitive load to AI.

As it stands now, YouTube Music is an almost complete Google Play Music replacement, but tweaks to how the service handles your own uploaded music as well as casting on the web (a complaint users have had for years) are needed before one can confidently claim that it's a definitively better replacement.

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YouTube Music

YouTube Music keeps getting better and better for the casual listener. It's not Spotify-tier, but it's not leagues below either.

  • I'm so sick of all the stupid features they add in but don't take care of basic stuff that all music apps have. Like when I go to an artist, I want to see the music that I have added to my library not the whole damn library of that artist. Whoever is in charge of development should be fired.
  • Great, Facebook is going to tell me who my friends should be, LinkedIn is going to tell me who I should network with, and Google is going to tell me what I should listen too.
  • Rise of the machines.
  • I don't think I can complain about how terrible YouTube music is anymore.
    It's so bad I never use it, I even pay for it, I use the free Pandora instead.