YouTube Music Key

Google's previously announced YouTube Music Key has reportedly begun its private beta test, allowing its first invites to check out the early features for this latest music-themed subscription service.

The first reports from users on Reddit state that the beta already offers users a way to download and watch music videos from YouTube offline, along with a way to keep listening to those videos while using another app. These are just a couple of the features Google promised would be in YouTube Music Key, along with watching videos without ads and a way to access Google Play Music's library of 30 million songs.

Google plans to charge $9.99 a month for YouTube Music Key when it is fully released, but people who get picked to beta test the service can use it for free for six months and then pay just $7.99 a month. Google will have a public launch of YouTube Music Key sometime in 2015. Does YouTube Music Key seem like the kind of thing you'd be willing to pay for?

Source: Reddit; Via Droid Life