YouTube can be accessed nearly everyone on the planet, but the number of countries with localized versions of the video service continues to increase as well. Google announced seven more countries and territories (The Adriatics, the Baltics, Bulgaria, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Belarus) that can now access local versions of the service.

The new additions brings the total number of countries with their own versions of YouTube to 85. Google stated:

Local versions of YouTube are good news for creators, too. It opens up the opportunity for creators to become a partner, earn money from their channels, and gain access to tools and resources that can help them make the most of YouTube. Creators can access online lessons via the YouTube Creator Academy to get started and learn best practices, and the Creator Community gives creators a place to meet each other, find collaborations, and more. We hope that this will allow more creators to bring more of their ideas and talents to YouTube for all of us to enjoy."

Source: YouTube