Is your smartphone your only computer?

Compared to the devices we had a decade ago, smartphones have come an incredibly long way. Processors are becoming increasingly more powerful, software features like Samsung DeX allow for desktop-like experiences, and with internal storage options now reaching 512GB, there's plenty of room for just about all of your digital files.

These advancements are truly exciting to see, but even with all the progress that's being made, are we at a point where smartphones can act as our only computer?

This question was recently asked in the AC forums, and this is what our community had to say.

I have 3 computers and 1 Chromebook in the house but my phone gets the most use.


No, it's not even close for me. I definitely spend more time on desktop/laptop than on mobile. Phone definitely plays it's role, but I only use it when I'm away from my Chromebook or desktop.


My phone is the device I browse the web and use social media the most on, but that's because it's almost always within arms reach. I still sit at a desk and use my desktop most every night, and I often use a tablet as well. Almost everything productive or productivity related I do with a keyboard/mouse and windows 10.


My phone gets the most use. My computer is pretty old and the display isn't very accurate. I'd like to get a more modern one for gaming and photo editing, but it's rather low on the budget list.


What about you? Is your smartphone your only computer?

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Joe Maring

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