Is your smartphone your only computer?

Compared to the devices we had a decade ago, smartphones have come an incredibly long way. Processors are becoming increasingly more powerful, software features like Samsung DeX allow for desktop-like experiences, and with internal storage options now reaching 512GB, there's plenty of room for just about all of your digital files.

These advancements are truly exciting to see, but even with all the progress that's being made, are we at a point where smartphones can act as our only computer?

This question was recently asked in the AC forums, and this is what our community had to say.

I have 3 computers and 1 Chromebook in the house but my phone gets the most use.


No, it's not even close for me. I definitely spend more time on desktop/laptop than on mobile. Phone definitely plays it's role, but I only use it when I'm away from my Chromebook or desktop.


My phone is the device I browse the web and use social media the most on, but that's because it's almost always within arms reach. I still sit at a desk and use my desktop most every night, and I often use a tablet as well. Almost everything productive or productivity related I do with a keyboard/mouse and windows 10.


My phone gets the most use. My computer is pretty old and the display isn't very accurate. I'd like to get a more modern one for gaming and photo editing, but it's rather low on the budget list.


What about you? Is your smartphone your only computer?

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Joe Maring

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • There is a computer in the house, but I never use it. I have a tablet if I get tired of staring at my phone, but I rarely use it anymore
  • No one can really say yes to this, everything has a computer in it. Pedantry aside, no. I have several other computers as well as games consoles which kind of count these days. But my phone has become my main computer.
  • No. Desktop at home for occasional gaming and CAD/rendering work. Surface Pro as my work companion (note taking, study, presentation, meetings). S9+ for communication, web browsing, social media, tethering, etc.
    Unless google/samsung/software devs fully embrace and back the DEX type of interaction, it'll never fly.
  • Of course not. One Win/Linux laptop. One Linux only laptop. One tablet. Phones are powerful these days but will never be able to replace PC completely.
  • Absolutely not. No mobile device can hold a candle to the power of my 6 core gtx 1080 water cooled desktop I have. I have 3 desktops and one laptop that are all used more than my phone.
  • Definitely not. I have a PC which I use for work and watch movies etc. I also have an old toshiba laptop which still works but I rarely use.
    PCs are where I like to be when the phone's screen and capability is just not enough.
  • I have a desktop PC each at home and work, and a laptop for school, which get the most use. I use my phone mostly when commuting and taking a break. I also have a tablet which I rarely use, except for streaming videos and controlling my Chromecast.
  • No it's not, have Acer Chromebook c910, Samsung s2 9.7 tablet, Samsung Galaxy view tablet and Samsung Galaxy S7 active.
  • I suppose it depends on where a person is in terms of pursuing life and happiness. I have no use for computing for work or professional activities. My phone provides news, weather, and information. I use apps browse the web and dabble in social media. Round all that off with a ton of video streaming and it turns out my smartphone is all I need or ever use.
  • Nope. My computer always gets daily use, even when I wasn't a student. I value being able to open multiple tabs at once and I still use bookmarks. While you can do both of those things on your phone, doing so feels clunky to me.
    As a student, typing an assignment on a phone just sounds terrible to me, unless it's something like a discussion post.
  • My mobile phone has been my only source of computing at home for the last 2 or 3 years. Does everything I need to do on a computer. In fact, I sold my Chromebook a couple years ago because I didn't use it and I never owned a tablet. Of course, I have a computer at work and use that for whatever personal stuff I need to while at work but at home nope, no computer, no tablet.
  • No because screen size. Nothing like leaning back with snacks and a drink to watch something on a desktop with a big screen when the main TV is busy.
  • No, I have a Work PC, a personal PC (mostly for backups and syncing), a iPad mini 4 that is my ultimate entertainment device and it is with me most of the time, work/home and whenever I have to wait somewhere. My daily driver and all things communication device is my OG Pixel running Pie of course! Oh and I have a work phone (iPhone 6S) That thing is only with me Mon-Fri 9-5.. There you have it!
  • Not now, but a couple of years ago my Nexus 6 did serve that multi-purpose function and I was quite satisfied.
  • We have many computers running either windows or chromeos which I use and my kids use for school but my wife nearly exclusively uses her phone. She does enjoy photo editing on a laptop though; but otherwise she is all in for phone only.
  • No, I have a MacBook Pro that I use for app development, a laptop with Linux and an iPad that I use for entertainment. I use the Linux laptop to watch movies on it because it's just easier to download and watch movies on it. Passing any file to the iPad is a pain thanks to iTunes. I use the phone mostly on my workplace because they don't let me bring my iPad. Not because they want me to work exclusively but because of "security concerns" as ridiculous as it sounds.
  • Umm no. Now my Surface Pro has more or less replaced my desktop.
  • My Note 9 is my computer. I haven't had a computer in about 3 years. The once every 2 to 3 months I need to use a computer I'll just drop by my local library. That being said I've probably only had to do that once this whole year.
  • When I'm not near a computer, yes. I normally have a laptop at work, and while we have a laptop and a couple of computers at home, my phone is my go to as I can get everything I need right there.
  • My MacBook never gets used and if it does, it's only to go online. So since that's really all I use my computer for, my Note 9 gets the most use. Yes, I own a Mac AND an Android.
  • Many many other computers and tablets around.
  • Yes, my phone has been my only computer for 3 months due to my HP 625 finally dying. It's not fun but I have no choice and it'll be like that for the forseeable future.
  • Nope, the phone gets a good daily workout but it is my computers that get most of my business. I am a cordcutter and have computers connected to all of my tvs and when I am home, the phone stays on the wireless charger. I sit comfortably in the living room recliner and do everything I need to do on the big screen living room tv - such as I am doing now. I am currently catching up on tech news and watching forensic files on netflix.
  • I work on my computer at home for a living - windows laptop with 2 additional screens - however I find myself using my phone for work more and more. Some SaaS programs don't render well and their apps have limited features plus forget working on spreadsheets - but if I can, I'll use my phone.
  • Not even close. My 6 inch or whatever S8+ is no comparison to a 15 inch ideapad I have for travelling and my 17 inch gaming laptop which I keep at home. It's infuriating to edit video, pictures, play games, on a little screen. The 'phone' is best left to downloading podcasts and using it as a communication device (IMs, voice calls, etc.)