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Snapchat now lets you record 60-second Snaps ... sort of

Snapchat is known for arbitrary limitations throughout its interface, but in general that's part of the fun. But one barrier is being lifted today with the announcement that you can now record 60-second long videos ... well, sort of. Rather than limiting you to just 10 seconds of recording at a time, if you continue to hold the capture button you'll now record six 10-second clips in a row continuously.

As you continue to hold for longer captures, the 10-second clips will line up in chronological order on the screen, giving you what is effectively a continuous 60-second clip but with the ability to selectively delete 10-second chunks. The clips you save will always be sent chronologically, but this at least gives you freedom to capture a longer video and select the portion you actually want, rather than being locked into timing it just right for a single 10-second video.

Of course the best way to handle the frustration of not being able to record longer would be to simply let people trim their video clips to any length ... but then again this is Snapchat we're talking about here. Today's change to Multi-Snap recording is at least a step in the right direction. The latest update will be available on Android soon, though it's launching for iOS users today.

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Multi million dollar company. Millions of Android users. No native Android app. How does that happen? No money to develop it? Or just don't care? Head scratcher to say the least.
  • well said..not matter if you capture a snap from old nexus 4 or samsung s8 both look same ****...snap on android is processed on same level
  • what do you mean by no native android app? It is native, although it has less features. For example you can't stack 5 filters at once like you can on IOS.
  • The snapchat Android app makes your 800$ flagships camera look like a 2007 flip phones camera..
  • I'm sure all 12 year old girls who use the app will be happy with this news.
  • Would definitely be curious/interested in a revamped Nexus lineup. Love my 6P - and while it runs very smoothly and without any major hiccups, it's just starting to feel a bit dated. Still one of the best phones I've ever owned (IMO).
  • I think you commented on the wrong post.
  • I did not see the appeal of Snapchat after trying it out for a few days. The only way Instagram Stories is inferior is that it does not seem to have as many funny filters.