You can give an audiobook to a friend for free with Audible's new recommendation feature

Amazon-based Audible has added a new feature that allows users of the audiobook store and service to send titles from their personal library to friends and family via their Android, iOS or Windows 10 app. Each person can receive their first audiobook for free.

Audible stated:

Whether an Audible title owner is a book club member who wants to share an audiobook with an entire group, a teacher recommending a title to a class, or an enthusiastic listener giving to a friend, this new feature is designed to be easy to use. Simply tap on the 'Send this Book' icon in your My Library, and the audiobook you give will be sent free to as many people as a customer wants to include (and it remains in your library). If it is a recipient's first time accepting an audiobook via this feature the recipient does not need to sign up for a free trial or use a credit card to redeem the title.

John Callaham