Xperia Neo Hands On [MWC]

The Xperia Neo looks to slot itself into the bottom of the new Xperia lineup. Sure, it sports the same 854x480 screen and 1GHz processor as it's big brother, the Xperia Pro, but the materials and overall feel of the Neo make us pine for the Arc. But if that Arc is just too thin for you, we'll tell you that the 8.1 megapixel shooter on the back has us impressed, as does the deep red color option (yes, we're that easy to please).

It should launch in March worldwide in two versions - one with 900/2100 HSPA and another with 800/1900/2100 HSPA. Grab some photos after the break and assuming our hotspot holds out here, a video a little later.

Dieter Bohn