Xiaomi Mi Band

After announcing plans to launch a direct-to-customer Mi.com store in the US later this year, Xiaomi has announced that it will offer a similar storefront to European customers. There won't be any handsets up for sale, however, as Xiaomi has mentioned that like the US store, the European offering will only sell accessories.

According to Xiaomi's global vice president Hugo Barra:

It's going to be a different Mi.com experience from what we have in our markets in Asia, because we're not selling phones. We're only going to sell a small number of our hero accessories, things like the Mi Band, studio-grade headphones, in-ear headphones and the world's most popular power banks.

As for launching its handsets in the US and other Western countries:

We would love to be in the US, but that's nowhere near the top of our priority for now.

India is a market Xiaomi is focusing its attention on, with Barra stating that the country was the vendor's "largest overseas market." After setting up an office in the country to build software services tailored to users in India, Xiaomi is looking to build on its initial momentum. To that effect, the brand has announced that it was partnering with India's largest carrier Airtel in selling the LTE-enabled Redmi Note 4G in the carrier's outlets across the country. Doing so works out to Xiaomi's advantage as sales from brick and mortar stores outnumber e-commerce sales in India by a huge margin.

Xiaomi's claim to fame may come from its affordable handsets, but the brand also makes a wide variety of other products, including 4K TVs, fitness bands, routers as well as tablets powered by Nvidia's Tegra K1. While the list of products that will be available through Xiaomi's Mi store in the US and European markets may not be a lot, customers in these countries will at least be able to get their hands on fitness trackers like the Mi Band, which for around $15 offers an immense set of features.

Source: CNET