Xiaomi's Mi Robot vacuum finally has an English language pack

One of the main drawbacks of Xiaomi's Mi Robot vacuum cleaner was that the user interface was limited to Mandarin. The robot vacuum is sold exclusively in China, and those looking to import it had to rely on Google Translate to decipher the menu options. Thankfully, an update rolling out to the Mi Robot includes an English language pack, making it easier for you to see the vacuum's options and set cleaning schedules.

You'll be able to install the English language pack by navigating to the Mi Robot's settings within the Mi Home app. Once in settings, head to Voice pack, and select the one that says English female voice at the bottom of the list.

Xiaomi Mi Robot

Once you have the language pack installed, you'll be able to see the options for cleaning and docking the robot vacuum, and you'll be able to monitor the cleaning time and area covered while the vacuum is active. It's certainly a nifty addition, and one that makes the Mi Robot much more useful outside of China.

Xiaomi Mi Robot review

For now, the Mi Robot is limited to China, but Xiaomi is likely to bring the vacuum cleaner to India at some point this year considering it demoed the product at various launch events over the last six months. If you're looking to pick one up outside of Asia, you'll have to resort to resellers like GearBest.

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Harish Jonnalagadda
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