Xiaomi just hit a big milestone in its Make in India journey

Xiaomi Mi 10i review
Xiaomi Mi 10i review (Image credit: Apoorva Bhardwaj / Android Central)

Xiaomi is a global behemoth, and its business in India makes for good reading. Xiaomi has secured its position as India's largest phone brand for 14 consecutive quarters, and it has been the largest TV manufacturer for the last 10 quarters. It is also the largest wearable manufacturer in India, with an insane 52% market share.

Xiaomi was one of the first brands to kick off local manufacturing efforts in India, and the brand notes that over 99% of its phones are locally made in India. That includes not just the assembly, but also the manufacture of key parts like the PCB, sub-boards, camera modules, and even the back panels.

Local manufacturing is not just for the budget Redmi models, but also its flagships. Xiaomi makes the best Android phones you can buy today — the Mi 11 is a testament to that — and by locally manufacturing these devices, the brand is able to maintain its edge in terms of pricing.

Xiaomi has also started to locally manufacture batteries as well as chargers and cables, along with the packaging itself. The result is that 75% of the total value of a Xiaomi phone sold in India includes parts sourced or manufactured in the country.

75% of the total value of a Xiaomi phone sold in India includes locally-sourced parts.

For 2021, Xiaomi is increasing its manufacturing output by adding two new facilities — joining the three it already has in the country. The brand is partnering with DBG and BYD, with the former estimated to increase Xiaomi's manufacturing output by 20%.

Xiaomi is also making headway in terms of smart TV production, adding a new facility near the city of Hyderabad. The new partner is Radiant, and it joins Dixon in manufacturing Xiaomi TVs in the country. On that note, Xiaomi has mentioned that 100% of the TVs that it sells in India are made locally, and that it is no longer bringing in units from other markets.

It is great to see Xiaomi make decent strides in terms of local manufacturing in India, particularly given that the government has made it harder for brands to sell phones manufactured in other countries. Xiaomi is yet to kick off local manufacturing for its accessories, including its latest portable Bluetooth speaker or robot vacuums, and that may change in the near future.

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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