Xiaomi Showtime

One of the highlights of MIUI 7 is Showtime, a feature that allows you to set videos instead of static images for your contacts when receiving calls. The feature requires both parties to have a MIUI account, with your contact having the ability to create a five-second video that shows up instead of an image whenever they call you.

The difference with Showtime is that instead of you creating a profile video, your contact has the provision to make a video of their liking. In the limited time we got to see the feature, it looked pretty interesting.

Another new feature in MIUI 7 is Child Mode, through which you can whitelist a series of apps that can be accessed by children. You can easily exit Child Mode by hitting the exit button, after which you're prompted to enter your unlock code to log back into the default homepage.

We'll delve into both features in detail once the beta build of MIUI 7 becomes available. That's from next Monday, with all Xiaomi handsets from the Mi 2 onward eligible for the update.