Xiaomi has announced MIUI 6, the latest version of their Android-based smartphone UI, which features a major design refresh, better security, and more. The overall look of the UI is flattened, and color plays a more prominent role. While the update is in beta at the moment, it is expected to make its way to Xiaomi's devices soon.

Xiaomi says that MIUI 6 as designed to be intuitive, and that you should be able to just pick up your device and use it without any instruction. Everything in the new design is meant to be clear. There is a heavier use of color in MIUI 6, with white prominent in many of Xiaomi's own apps.

The phone and contacts apps have seen some updates. You can now identify unknown numbers when they call you. You can also identify service numbers, like banks, and you can also be shown a visual menu of your carrier's service line, instead of having to wait for an audio prompt to advance in the menu.

There are other important updates as well. The home screen has been designed with operational gestures that can activated anywhere, and you can now organize icons in groups. The notification center is now more reliable. Tools like Calendar and Mail have been overhauled as well.

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Source: Xiaomi