Xiaomi Redmi 2

Xiaomi has announced last year that it would be targeting non-Asian markets in 2015, and the Chinese vendor is now kicking things off in Brazil with the launch of the Redmi 2.

Xiaomi is undertaking a different strategy in the country, opting to manufacture handsets locally. Doing so allows the brand to circumvent the high import taxes faced by vendors bringing devices into Brazil. For instance, an iPhone 6 costs upwards of $1,200 after taxes.

Global VP Hugo Barra said that Brazil was "stage one of our Latin America launch." Mexico and Colombia are next on the Chinese manufacturer's radar as Xiaomi continues to target developing markets:

We offer high-quality products at incredibly aggressive prices, so we're starting with larger developing markets where people are very price-sensitive.

The Redmi 2 will go on sale in the country starting next week for 499 reais ($160), with Foxconn manufacturing the devices in Sao Paulo.

Source: Reuters