Will Android Make up 50% of HTC Phones in 2010 ?

HTC has long been Android's biggest supporter and with Windows Mobile stagnating, it makes a lot of sense for HTC to expand their Android portfolio and push out more HTC Android devices. So it comes to no one surprise when reports say that HTC will focus on more Android devices in 2010. What is surprising though, is the extent of that focus. Digitimes is reporting that 50% of HTC's 2010 product portfolio will be Android handsets. That's a definite leap from the three current Android devices (Dream, Magic, Hero).

If this report proves to be true, and we don't see a reason for it not to be, HTC will have a considerable lead over other Android phone makers. Whereas everyone else's Android plans are under wraps, HTC will have a whole portfolio to offer. And judging by how in less than a year's time, HTC has already custom built the beautiful new Sense UI on top of Android, that experience will surely pay off. The best, most unique, and powerful Android devices will likely be made by HTC. They'll have earned it.

Casey Chan