What mobile ecosystem are you a part of?

There are a lot of deciding factors that come into play when choosing which gadgets to use, and for a lot of people, the ecosystem certain devices belong to makes a big difference when it comes time to buy a new toy.

Samsung's Galaxy phones work seamlessly with Galaxy and Gear wearables, the Google Pixel 2 can tether instantly to the Pixelbook, and over in Camp Apple, the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and more all sync up with one another in a truly magical way.

These added benefits you get by using various products from the same company can be really fantastic, and looking through the AC forums, there's a lot of variety when it comes to the ecosystems our forum members are invested in.

I started out by just following the lead of my daughter and son-in-law. I liked what I saw in their Android phones. At the time, I knew very little about Apple. As the years went on and the more I studied both ecosystems (before they were called ecosystems LOL) I became more educated on Apple as a business and their products. Their phones seemed to never change/grow...literally. And it was...


I started off my journey with the Droid X. that phone died on me and I was forced into a Samsung Fascinate. Android at that time was fairly buggy and not that reliable from my experience. When the iPhone 5S came out, I decided to jump to iOS. I stayed there for three years, and then moved back to Android with the LG v20. The LG was so buggy that I almost went back to iOS. I would have to, had I...


I got started with Symbian on the Nokia E61, had another Symbian device (Nokia E71), and then switched to BlackBerry (9000 and then 9700). Next, I went to Windows Phone (Nokia Lumia 900 and 920). When it was evident that Windows Phone was on its way out (apps being pulled and Microsoft giving up support), I needed a new platform. I have family and friends who use iPhones and Android devices....

Laura Knotek

I don't know that I chose Android necessarily. More like it just stuck. I had the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 4. Not only were they my first smartphones, they were my first phones, period. I never wanted a flip phone. I never wanted a little brick phone. But as phones turned into computers, that piqued my interest. While owning those two phones I was totally become a phone nerd. Reading info, taking...


What about you? What mobile tech ecosystem are you in?

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Joe Maring

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