Why Roborock is the best robot vacuum maker you've never heard of

When you think of a robot vacuum, what's the first name that comes to mind? While Roborock might not immediately be the first on your list, you may want to take a minute or two to understand why it should, in fact, be the name to remember when it comes to buying a robot vacuum.

So why is it that you may not have ever heard of Roborock? That's because Roborock's humble roots begin with Xiaomi, a company name you're likely familiar with if you frequent Android Central. When it launched in 2016, the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum made huge waves in an industry dominated by big names that were often regarded as dumb, overpriced gadgets instead of useful robots.

Roborock changed the game by offering up an intelligent laser-guided navigation system that mapped the home in real-time, showing you a complete floorplan of your home. This floorplan wasn't just a static image though; it was updated in real-time as the vacuum roved around, showing you exactly where the vacuum was in your home and where it cleaned. This was something unheard of, as most robot vacuums at the time simply didn't offer any of this functionality.

Roborock S5 on carpet

Source: Android Central (Image credit: Source: Android Central)

Two years later, Roborock launched the first vacuum under its own Roborock branding; the Roborock S5 in 2018. That means we're not even two years into the usage of the Roborock branding, but with the recent move into the U.S. market via Amazon.com's ubiquitous virtual shelves, Roborock is finally making it much easier to buy their excellent products.

But here's something I really like about Roborock: it has been careful not to flood the market with products just to never support them again, as we've seen in the smartphone industry all too often. Instead, Roborock has carefully designed and constructed a number of robot vacuums that are meant for varying types of homes and budgets.

Roborock S6

Source: Android Central (Image credit: Source: Android Central)

This year, we've seen the launch of two flagship vacuums from the company, with a third on the way later this year. The Roborock S6 launched this summer and the Roborock S4 just hit the market as the lowest priced Roborock flagship vacuum yet. These top flagship vacuums offer the best of not just Roborock, but the best choice in each respective class. They're easy to use, intelligent, reliable, perform incredibly well and, to top it off, are super quiet to boot.

Roborock offers a number of even less expensive vacuums as well, such as the Roborock E25 or the E35. While these vacuums are offered at a lower price point, they're still more advanced than the usual bump-and-go style robot vacuum that you would find in this class. Much of what makes Roborock so reliable and useful is found in the navigational abilities of each vacuum, which map out the home and intelligently plan routes for the best cleaning of every nook and cranny.

Haven't checked out Roborock yet? My family uses Roborock's vacuums in our home and we absolutely love them. It's hard not to recommend Roborock and, once you're an owner, you'll know exactly why people are so darn happy with their products.

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