What screen protector should you use for the Galaxy S9?

As pretty as the Galaxy S9 and S9+ may be, there's no denying the two phones will quickly show signs of wear and tear if you use them without any form of protection. The all-glass front and back make the S9 prone to cracks and scratches, and along with a trusty case, a screen protector will go a long way in ensuring its good looks remain for months and months to come.

One of our forum users recently said that they were having touch sensitivity issues with the tempered glass screen protector they're currently using on their S9+, and a lot of folks were quick to rush in with recommendations of other protectors they should try using.

Here are a few of the suggestions.

Hands down go with the Whitestone dome glass protector. You'll never use another, it's available on Amazon. It's a little more expensive then the others but well worth it. You can look up reviews, they are all over YouTube. The work with a lot of cases as well


Whitestone Dome glass, as mentioned above, is what I use & works great. Feels like original screen. No touch sensitivity issues & compatible with every case I've used(Otterbox, Bodygaurdz, Spigen). Bodyguardz just released their full adhesive curved tempered glass too.


I am using amFilm tempered glass protector and I am very happy with it. Very easy to install and I have had no problems with it. I did enable touch sensitivity setting. Best of all it is not expensive. About $10-12. Lifetime warranty too!


I'm using the Body Guardz and am very happy with them. No touch issues and installation is easy (unlike White Dome). ...so there's an alternative.


Whether you're currently rocking a Whitestone, amFilm, or something else entirely, we'd love to know – What screen protector are you using on your Galaxy S9/S9+?

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