What is rooting?

Probably the top three questions on your mind when it comes to your Android phone are the following:

  1. What is "rooting?"
  2. Why would I want to root my phone?
  3. And now that I've decided to do it, how do I root my phone?

It's a little scary, we know. But we've got you covered.

First and foremost is our Rooting page, conveniently parked at androidcentral.com/root. There you'll find the basic ins and outs of rooting as well as links to get you started.

Then there's our "Rooting: Is it for me?" Q&A. If you read nothing else, read this.

Your next stop should be the Android Central Forums. Rooting is a little different for each phone, so you'll want to read up on exactly what you need to do.

That's it. It's not that bad, really, and you should definitely take a look. And apologies to our Aussie friends! ;)

Phil Nickinson