What is the range of an Arlo Pro 2?

Best answer: The Arlo Pro 2 system has a range of 300 feet, which should be more than sufficient to cover every home area you want to place cameras at.

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Just how far away can my Arlo Pro 2 cameras be placed?

The Arlo Pro 2 security system is built upon two components: the Arlo base station, and the individual Arlo cameras that connect to the internet through the base station. The maximum range from a base station to an Arlo Pro 2 camera is of 300 feet, but that range can be shortened by the number and thickness of the walls the signal is having to penetrate.

If your house has thicker walls — or walls made of denser materials like brick, stone, or concrete — it's possible for the signal range of your Arlo Pro 2 cameras to shrink a little. The 300-foot range is about the size of a football field, and even with some passive signal blocking from brick walls, that range should more than cover most homes, yards, and non-metal garages.

What if I need more range than that?

Unfortunately, Arlo Pro 2 cameras can't connect directly to the internet through your Wi-Fi network; they have to connect to the Arlo Pro 2 base station. There are a couple of solutions you can use if you need more range, but they boil down to two basic methods:

  • Move your Arlo Pro 2 base station to a better location in your house so that every camera can get a signal from it. While the Arlo Pro 2 base does require a hardwired ethernet connection, this doesn't mean that it's trapped next to your router. Range extenders like the Netgear Powerline Adapter 2000 can let you position your base station in any room with a power outlet for optimum placement.
  • Get a second Arlo Pro 2 base station. If you need to place cameras over a larger area than 300 feet, you'll need to get a second Arlo Pro 2 base station and connect the cameras outside the first station's range to the second base station. This option can get quite expensive, and managing cameras through multiple base stations can be a little extra hassle, but it is doable.
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