What password manager are you using in 2019?

1Password (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

If you aren't using a password manager, you should probably think about changing that soon. Online security is becoming more and more important with each day that passes, and with a password manager, you can ensure you have a strong password for each online account without having to remember every single one.

Recently, one member of the AC forums reached out to the community to see what password managers they recommend using. Here are some of the responses.

Used: BlackBerry Password Keeper - Stopped using it because it's not available everywhere I need it to be. It's a phone only app. Moved to: 1Password. It's pricey, and subscription based but it's everywhere I need it to be. Multiple devices, desktop, etc. and it's a solid app with great features and an excellent track record of secuirty AFAIK.



I use Enpass and am pretty happy with it. Main reason is because subscriptions rub me the wrong way. I used Dashlane for a while but stores y after it deleted all my passwords and failed to load a backup. If you're cool with a monthly sub I'd say lastpass looks like it's probably the best all around.


I've only used one after much research, so I can't answer this question. I just wanted to first recognize that it's a very astute question to ask. I personally use Last Pass. There is a yearly charge for premium features, but the basic version is free. I love it for the cross platform compatibility, all encryption and decryption is performed on your device (their servers never get access to...


Now, we want to hear from you. What password manager are you using in 2019?

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