What password manager are you using in 2019?

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If you aren't using a password manager, you should probably think about changing that soon. Online security is becoming more and more important with each day that passes, and with a password manager, you can ensure you have a strong password for each online account without having to remember every single one.

Recently, one member of the AC forums reached out to the community to see what password managers they recommend using. Here are some of the responses.

Used: BlackBerry Password Keeper - Stopped using it because it's not available everywhere I need it to be. It's a phone only app. Moved to: 1Password. It's pricey, and subscription based but it's everywhere I need it to be. Multiple devices, desktop, etc. and it's a solid app with great features and an excellent track record of secuirty AFAIK.



I use Enpass and am pretty happy with it. Main reason is because subscriptions rub me the wrong way. I used Dashlane for a while but stores y after it deleted all my passwords and failed to load a backup. If you're cool with a monthly sub I'd say lastpass looks like it's probably the best all around.


I've only used one after much research, so I can't answer this question. I just wanted to first recognize that it's a very astute question to ask. I personally use Last Pass. There is a yearly charge for premium features, but the basic version is free. I love it for the cross platform compatibility, all encryption and decryption is performed on your device (their servers never get access to...


Now, we want to hear from you. What password manager are you using in 2019?

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Joe Maring

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • Password Keeper (BlackBerry) Cobolt's download.
  • BB Password Keeper too!
  • Smart this is So very True
  • Same here. (Word #3 so this will post. Christ, this is stupid.)
  • I use Google as my password manager.
  • SafeInCloud - has been totally reliable for years and is cross platform using your own choice of cloud storage.
  • I've been using SafeInCloud as well. Its been great.
  • Bitwarden, 10 dollars a year
  • Tried LastPass, kepper, keepass, and others over the years. Then discovered Bitwarden. Never looked back!
  • Still using Google's Chrome.
  • I use DashLane
  • Passwords Plus by Dataviz. It syncs between my phone, the wife's phone, and the desktop regardless of which one gets updated. Only thing I don't like is when you jump into the app, it automatically syncs then resets your scrolling position.
  • I've been pretty happy with the Enpass 1-time-pay version.
  • Lastpass is what I've been using for a few years now. Sure it has a few hiccups but it works well.
  • I have been using mSecure for many years now and has worked great
  • BB Password Keeper but I'm trying to get rid of everything blackberry because of their track record so I'm going with Lastpass
  • Enpass is my favorite.
  • mSecure 5 & firefox lockwise
  • Seems strange that there are only cloud based password managers and that no one has made a device for storing passwords. I'm not going to store my passwords somewhere I no nothing about. Considering all the sites and services that have been hacked, how could that be a good idea? I use Keepass but I wish I had a device that I could put in my pocket. Just seems strange that there are no other options. I would easily overlook any inconveniences to have such a device. I don't need autofill, or anything automated. I want simplicity and the ability to manage my own data. Has anyone read the EULA for any of those services?
  • Keepass for me also! I can run it on any device I own...Android or Windows...and just share/copy/paste the encrypted key so that any change I make on one platform is copied over to the other. To keep all your passwords stored in the cloud is a contradiction in terms to me. What happens if you lose internet connection? What happens if said providers servers are hacked, or crash! Sorry, but I do not put that type of information in the cloud where it can dissipate as fast as a literal cloud can.
  • With bitwarden they have open sourced the protocol and server so you don't have to use their hosted service if you don't want to. But there isn't anything bad in the Eula, the data is encrypted client side so bitwarden can't get into it so it doesn't much matter anyway
  • Mooltipass is a hardware device for storing passwords. I have one, but am not affiliated.
  • Well... you're not storing your passwords but instead the encrypted gibberish that is your password. Only you hold the key to make that gibberish useful again.
  • aWallet Cloud. I have the 1 time pay version, there is a free version as well. The paid version allows you to sync over multiple devices very easily.
  • I also used to use Password Keeper on BlackBerry but then Enpass (when the Z30 came out) & was the only one that accepted backups FROM password keeper so i bought it in case of what's happening now hahaha, it was a 1 time fee of $5 (also a has auto fill in, plus use on any app, & local as well as Google Drive backup encryption, & dark theme every other good app needs subscription so no thanks
  • I'm the only one using Roboform, huh? I'm not sure what that says about me.
  • I used KeePass w/ Dropbox for many years. I now use Keeper for work and also have moved to it personally with the family plan so I can easily share some passwords with my family.
  • I have been using eWallet for 10 years. It stores your passwords on your own device and you can sync with laptop using eWallet for desktop. No frills but good app if you need a no frill out of cloud pw storage.
  • BlackBerry Password Keeper
  • Keepass with OneDrive for sync.
  • I stopped using enpass after the screw up they did with the 6.0 update. Currently using lastpass but actively looking for alternatives.
  • I use Keeper.