Google Play stands tall

Playing movies with Play Movies is popular

In this week's poll, we asked what service you used to buy or rent movies on a per-flick basis. And while we were expecting a bit of diversity, the four thousand or so of you that responded overwhelmingly to two of the options presented: Google Play and none. Over 40 percent of you admitted to using Google Play the most for buying and renting movies — but there are some caveats to that. A number of the comments admitted to using Google Play more frequently than any other platform, in part due to the habit Google has of giving movies away.

Coming in second with almost a quarter of the vote was None, for everyone who prefers a physical copy or for the filthy, dirty pirates who don't believe in paying for films to help pay for the next ones. The idea that you don't own a digital copy — or that you can't ensure that a digital copy will remain as playable over the years as a DVD, to which I'll simply point to my VHS collection — is still holding back many a user from digital ownership. A number of you also confessed a preference for Redbox, since physical rentals there are still cheaper — and I confess I'm a Redbox user, too, from time to time.

A large number of comments to the poll said that Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu were enough for them, and while this poll was not about subscription services, it is understandable that subscription services have significantly cut down on buying and renting DVDs for some people. This is like part of Amazon taking in a modest 16 percent of the vote, with most of its users citing the availability across platforms including apps on their TVs and set-top boxes, as well as the ability to mesh between purchases and the Prime subscription library.

The remaining users were split between other platforms, with Vudu and iTunes only taking 5 and 4 percent respectively. I must say that Vudu users were among the most vocal in the comments, stating that the tie-ins with UltraViolet, higher quality of the digital copies — 5.1 surround is important to the folks that have speakers set up for it — and the availability of Vudu on most every TV and platform the last five years has made it the only choice for a number of users, especially users who buy physical and digital copies in combo packs.

So, were you surprised by the results here? Was anyone else surprised by the number of pirates in here? Any other topics you think we should cover with next week's poll? As always, leave a comment below and tell us what you think.